Leading Influential Software Startups Reshaping LA Tech Scene in 2023

Los Angeles is not only the city of angels but also the home to some of the most groundbreaking software startups in the United States. Each startup brings a unique offering to its respective industry, be it in financial services, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, or blockchain technology. This article shines the spotlight on fifteen of these promising ventures, bringing innovation and change to the tech landscape.

The city that is famous for movies, celebrities and the glitter and glamour of Hollywood, is also a hotbed of entrepreneurship and innovation, with a vibrant startup ecosystem. Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, these startups have not only survived but thrived, adapting to new circumstances and finding creative ways to deliver their products or services to their customers.

The diverse range of startups covered in this article illustrates the breadth and depth of innovation and creativity in Los Angeles. With the digital age upon us, these software firms are making remarkable strides in their fields, providing solutions that disrupt the status quo and redefine expectations.


PROTO, founded by David Nussbaum and Doug Barry, adds a new dimension to home entertainment with their at-home hologram machines. This cutting-edge technology can be used in numerous industries including media and entertainment, retail technology, telecommunications, and education. Welcome to the future of visual communication.


Financial advisors now have more options to add value to their client’s portfolio with Vanilla. This innovative platform, created by David Hauser and Steve Lockshin, simplifies the estate planning process, driving efficiency and accuracy without the need for an in-depth understanding of the subject.

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Startup Mathison, by Arthur Woods and Dave Walsh, focuses on boosting diversity hiring and retention through their comprehensive platform. This tech-driven solution aims to streamline the hiring process and ensure fair treatment and opportunities for all job applicants.


Utilizing the power of machine learning, Entos assists R&D labs by conducting energy and force evaluations. Founders Fred Manby, Sarah Trice, and Thomas Miller are at the forefront of artificial intelligence, contributing innovative solutions to ever-present issues in research and development.


Counterpart, spearheaded by Tanner Hackett, is a pioneering insurtech company that targets the management liability insurance market. By leveraging artificial intelligence and big data, the platform reshapes the way industries handle insurance matters.


Experience unique film creation with FlickPlay. Pierina Merino’s startup bridges the physical and digital worlds, allowing users to unleash their creativity and produce augmented reality (AR) films using NFTs enlisted in their platform.

Trust Software

The creation of Chris Lorenz, Daniel Druger, and Geoffrey Anderson, Trust Software, is helping the marketing ecosystem simplify transactions by building meticulous payment products. This fintech startup aspires to change the landscape of financial procedures in marketing.


Floodlight is a potent data analytics company co-founded by Erin Angerer, Josh Pitts, and Nate Wyne. They aim to make Scope 1 & 2 GHG measurement and reporting straightforward and robust through their platform.

Dyania Health

Reimagining clinical research processes, Dyania Health develops a natural language platform. The startup, led by Dimitrios Iliopoulos and Eirini Schlosser, focuses on harnessing linguistic technologies to accelerate healthcare research activities.

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Dileepan Siva’s venture, Upscribe, is a gamechanger in the arena of subscription eCommerce. This innovative platform aims to power the next generation of eCom businesses by providing a modern and efficient way to manage subscriptions.


MoeGo revolutionizes pet grooming with a unique software created by Ethan Dong. The platform merges schedules, messages and payments into one interface to streamline the experience for clients.


Dack, spearheaded by Damon Mintzer, aims to improve home-stay experiences with their SaaS platform. With a primary focus on the hospitality sector, this startup is set to redefine how guests perceive and experience their stays.


Providing a convenience store technology and services platform, Bevz brings solutions to traditional shopping issues. Founders Jason Vego and Victor Grayr introduce this advanced system to deliver an exceptional shopping experience for consumers alike.

New Computer Corporation

New Computer Corporation contributes to the Web3 infrastructure with an application program interface, revolutionizing the web development scene.


Finally is Abridged, a startup co-founded by James Young and Raymond Feng. Abridged provides tools for developers to enrich their applications using blockchain technology, contributing to the evolution of IT and Web development.

In conclusion, Los Angeles is definitely making its mark as a hotbed of software innovation, and it’s exciting to watch these startups as they redefine and disrupt their respective industries. The drive and ambition found in these companies is a testament that L.A.’s tech scene is truly thriving, and we can’t wait to see what new innovations it brings in the future.

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