Startup Showcase: Caboodle Groceries – Transforming How Families Shop for Groceries

How Caboodle Groceries is Using Game Play to Simplify and Gamify the Grocery Shopping Experience

In the age of e-commerce, there are not many tasks that we cannot complete by simply tapping on a screen. However, despite the convenience that online shopping has to offer, grocery shopping remains a chore that many of us dread. Caboodle Groceries, a Pittsburgh-based grocery shopping startup, intends to change that by using game play to transform how people buy weekly groceries. With the aim of making grocery shopping fun and effortless, Caboodle is set to launch in Pittsburgh this summer, and already has a growing waitlist of families eager to try out their app.

Revolutionizing the Grocery Shopping Experience

Caboodle Groceries aims to make grocery shopping as seamless and interactive as possible. The startup uses a game-based app that allows families to purchase affordable weekly groceries from their local grocery store. Customers can choose from up to $120 worth of products from all aisles of the grocery store, and their order gets delivered to their doorstep each week. The app’s user experience is designed to make grocery shopping fun, personalized, and stress-free. Users earn rewards, badges, and other incentives as they shop, making the experience enjoyable and addictive.

A Solution for Busy, Cost-Conscious Families

Caboodle Groceries is built for busy, cost-conscious moms and families. The app’s subscription model costs $99 per week and includes free delivery. Families can choose products based on their preferences and dietary needs, and can rest assured that they are getting the best deals possible. Caboodle’s value proposition is based on providing a hassle-free grocery shopping experience that saves time and money, and allows families to focus on their daily routines.

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Innovating the Grocery Industry with Bundles

Caboodle Groceries is also innovating the grocery industry by partnering with local grocery stores to provide bundles of products that reduce the costs associated with personalized, item-by-item shopping. Grocery stores can choose which product combinations they want to offer each week, which allows them to sell better space to distributors, manage inventory, and direct consumers to high-margin food options. This win-win partnership benefits both the customer and the grocery store.


Caboodle Groceries is an exciting startup that promises to make grocery shopping a fun and personalized experience. With its game-based app, Caboodle aims to revolutionize how families shop for groceries, offering a more interactive, hassle-free approach to weekly shopping. As the company prepares to launch in Pittsburgh this summer, it is poised to become a game changer in the grocery industry.


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