Startup Showcase: Falcomm – Revolutionizing 5G Communication with Ultra-Efficient PAs

Falcomm is a fabless integrated circuit design startup that specializes in developing front-end modules and power amplifiers for the 5G mmWave market. Their primary mission is to provide energy-efficient solutions for hardware manufacturers that struggle with the challenges of 5G communication. With Falcomm’s innovative technology, they have successfully developed an ultra-efficient silicon-based power amplifier (PA) topology for 5G mmWave applications called the Dual-Drive PA, which is set to revolutionize the industry.

Revolutionizing the 5G Communication Industry

5G mmWave communication is facing significant challenges, especially when it comes to transmitter power and efficiency. The transmitter’s power amplifiers (PAs) are responsible for transmitting signals over the air at mmWave frequencies. This process is extremely difficult due to the frequency’s high attenuation rates and signal distortion. Falcomm’s Dual-Drive PA is set to change this, as it increases the maximum theoretical efficiency limits of PAs beyond 78.5%. This technology is patented and unique to Falcomm, and no other PA can be as efficient as the Dual-Drive PA.

Falcomm’s Prototype Achieves High Efficiency

Falcomm’s first prototype, implemented using GlobalFoundries’ 45nm CMOS SOI process, was fully tested and verified. Based on measurements, the prototype achieved drain efficiencies that were 20% higher than any state-of-the-art power amplifier in the mmWave frequency range. Additionally, Falcomm’s technology was fully verified using the new 5G NR modulation testing standards, achieving Gb/s data rates at incredibly high efficiency levels.

The Benefits of Falcomm’s Dual-Drive PA

Since PAs dominate the overall transmitter efficiency and thermal performance, Falcomm’s Dual-Drive PA technology can be employed by base station, cellphone, and radar manufacturers, to name a few, to decrease their thermal management costs and ease their overall system requirements. The use of Falcomm’s Dual-Drive PA technology can bring a significant improvement in 5G communication networks, making them more efficient and reliable while maintaining low costs.

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In conclusion, Falcomm is set to revolutionize the 5G communication industry with its innovative Dual-Drive PA technology. The company’s ultra-efficient silicon-based PAs will bring significant benefits to hardware manufacturers by reducing thermal management costs and easing overall system requirements. With their patented technology, Falcomm is positioned to be at the forefront of the 5G communication market and lead the way in energy-efficient communication solutions.


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