Startup Showcase: – Revolutionizing Education and Personal Finance is a revolutionary consumer-focused education and personal finance website based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Since its launch in April 2015, the company has been dedicated to providing easy access to information and resources for students and individuals seeking to make smart financial decisions throughout their lives. In this Startup Showcase, we will explore the various ways is transforming the education and personal finance industry.

Scholarship Search Engine offers a free scholarship search tool that allows students to search for thousands of scholarships based on their major, gender, ethnicity, and other requirements. The tool also provides information on the competitiveness of each scholarship and the amount of the award, enabling students to determine how many scholarships they need to apply to based on their criteria. The scholarship search engine is a game-changer for students seeking to finance their education and is just one of the many ways is empowering students to achieve their academic goals.

Research Studies and Higher Education News is committed to promoting open access to information and regularly releases research studies featuring data analysis on a variety of topics related to education and personal finance. The company has released studies on Best Places for Female Entrepreneurs, Best Cities for Teachers, and The Best Small Cities for Law School Graduates, among others. In addition to research studies, is a source for higher education news, providing up-to-date information on colleges, universities, and career training programs.

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Acquisition of

In October 2015, acquired, an online database of college scholarships. The acquisition has allowed to expand its scholarship search engine and provide even more resources for students seeking to finance their education. The acquisition also marked the beginning of’s expansion beyond scholarships, as the company began offering resource guides to help consumers make smart financial decisions throughout their lives.

Resource Guides for Personal Finance now offers a variety of resource guides to help consumers make informed decisions about their personal finances. The guides cover topics ranging from college and student loans to careers, retirement, and other major financial decisions. The guides provide practical advice and tips for managing money, investing wisely, and planning for the future.

Investment and Finances was launched in February 2015 by founder Eppie Vojt and received seed round funding from Red Ventures, a marketing and sales services company also based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Red Ventures has invested in several other education and career training companies, including CourseHorse, Treehouse, Code2Hire, and the Golden Doors Scholarship program, which provides full college scholarships for DACA students with exceptional academic performance in high school. The investment from Red Ventures has allowed to continue to expand its resources and reach more students and consumers seeking to make smart financial decisions.


In conclusion, is a pioneering consumer-focused education and personal finance website that is changing the way students and consumers access information and resources. With its scholarship search engine, research studies, acquisition of, and resource guides for personal finance, is empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their education and their financial future.

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