Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management: Top Influential New York Startups, 2023

In an ever more interconnected world, the importance of efficient supply chain management has grown exponentially. With startups emerging around the globe, the hub of technological advancement and startup culture in New York, US is no exception. A few innovative supply chain management startups have been making waves in the city’s bustling economy, revolutionizing the way businesses operate. From food and beverage distribution to healthcare staff management, these companies are reshaping their respective industries.

With disrupted supply chains due to recent global events, businesses have realized now more than ever, the need to have efficient supply chain management. On this backdrop, a handful of New York-based startups are working tirelessly to bring innovative and transformative solutions to companies around the world. Their tireless work over the years has led to a quantum leap in how goods, information and even people are managed and moved. These startups have been instrumental in changing the way companies organize their resources, manage their assets, and streamline operational processes.

Whether it’s New York’s avant-garde fashion sector, the burgeoning technology scene, or the city’s robust food and beverage industry – innovative supply chain management solutions are playing a crucial role in ensuring businesses stay ahead of competition and customer demands. The below New York-based supply chain management startups are breaking new ground and showcasing the dexterity and drive it takes to reshape industries.


Flieber, founded by Fabricio Miranda and Jair Verçosa, has developed a multi-channel inventory optimization tool for online retailers. It operates in the E-Commerce, Retail Technology, and Supply Chain Management sector. Focused on making online retail more efficient, Flieber plays a crucial role in managing online inventory, a boon to eCommerce websites.

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Entoura is a supply chain solution for hemp, CBD oil, and isolates. Founded by Kevin Murray, it operates in the Cannabis, Farming, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management sector. Its niche focus on hemp and CBD oil portray its commitment to facilitate a smooth supply chain in the budding industry.


Pickups operates a digital platform that utilizes a community of urban residents with extra space to help brands optimally warehouse inventory. It operates in the Supply Chain Management and Warehousing sector ensuring efficient warehousing of goods and products.

Peridot Financing Solutions

Peridot Financing Solutions is a platform supporting technology companies’ channel finance programs. Operating within the Customer Service, Finance, Financial Services, and Supply Chain Management sector, Peridot ensures solid financial grounding for tech startups.

Link Logistics Real Estate

Link Logistics Real Estate, founded by Andrew C. Goodman, offers real estate space for logistics, warehousing and supply chain management solutions. As a part of the Commercial Real Estate, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Warehousing sector, Link provides the necessary physical spaces needed for efficient supply chain operations.

Qarik Group

Qarik Group specializes in helping companies modernize how they build and run software to become more cloud native. With a focus on Big Data, Cloud Computing, Consulting, Developer Platforms, and Supply Chain Management, Qarik Group is helping to digitize supply chain operations.

MGI International

MGI International is a distribution and holding company that specializes in supplying a comprehensive range of plastic resin products. Operating in the Manufacturing, Retail, Supply Chain Management, and Wholesale sectors, MGI International is crucial in the distribution of plastic resin products.

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Argentem Trade Services

Argentem Trade Services is a finance management company that provides supply chain solutions to the metals and minerals industry. Involved in the Finance, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management sector, Argentem’s services are integral for mineral and metal supply chains.


Carrierfy specializes in bridging the gap between the middle and last mile freight industries. Operating in the Logistics, and Supply Chain Management sector, Carrierfy facilitates smoother goods transition in freight industry.


Ava, a SaaS platform for next-generation raw materials sourcing and management, operates in the B2B, Procurement, Software, and Supply Chain Management sector. Ava’s focus on raw material sourcing and management enhances supply chain efficiency in the raw materials sector.


Nuvocargo, founded by Deepak Chhugani and Sam Blackman, is an all-in-one digital platform for cross-border trade between the USA and Mexico. It operates in the FinTech, Freight Service, Logistics, Software, Supply Chain Management, and Transportation sector.


Waybridge, founded by Andrea Aranguren, Andrew Sweeney, and Brian O’Kelley, offer a suite of digital tools that target fundamental inefficiencies in the raw materials supply chain. It operates in the Information Technology, Logistics, Productivity Tools, and Supply Chain Management sector.


ShelfLife, founded by John Cline and Lillian Cartwright, is B2B Marketplace for Wholesale Ingredients. It operates in the E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, and Supply Chain Management sectors.

Elevation Health Group

Elevation Health Group offers clinical expertise, healthcare staffing, and regulatory support services. It operates in the Health Care, Staffing Agency, and Supply Chain Management fields, making integral contributions in the healthcare sector.

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Dartboard, founded by Dorian Scrima, is a forecasting platform for trend spotters, number crunchers, and everyone in between. Involved in the Consumer Goods, Enterprise Software, Fashion, Predictive Analytics, Retail Technology, Software, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability sectors, Dartboard analyzes and predicts trends that help shape supply chain operations and strategies.

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