Startup Showcase: Plexflo Industries, Revolutionizing the Utility Industry with Integrated Analytics Environment

Giving superpowers to Electric Utility engineers, planners and data scientists.

The world of utilities is experiencing a digital transformation, which is drastically changing the way traditional utilities have always operated. The regulated electric utility industry is at the forefront of this push, where Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are set to optimize the sector’s operations. However, this shift in operational approach requires access to the right tools, and Plexflo Industries is revolutionizing the sector by integrating analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This Startup Showcase takes an in-depth look at how Plexflo Industries is changing the game and providing a solution with its Integrated Analytics Environment.

What Makes Plexflo Industries Unique

Where traditional analytic tools provide visualization capabilities, the platform’s uniqueness lies in how it is tailored to the regulated electric utility industry’s specific needs. With Plexflo, engineers, planners, and data scientists navigating the power utilities can now efficiently prototype data-driven solutions to meet urgent questions like wildfire risk management, infrastructure upgrades for EVs, solar power, load forecasting, and customer demand response incentives.

The Benefits of Plexflo Industries

Utility companies using Plexflo Industries enjoy a robust architecture backed by A.I.-powered digital sandbox, enabling users a quick prototype of use case scenarios for presenting business cases. Plexflo elevates the industry’s BI tools’ efficiency, such as PowerBI or Tableau, by offering granular, sophisticated analytics for the most complex use cases. Plexflo is also cyber-secure, SOC-2 compliant, and meets or exceeds Utility IT requirements.

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One-Stop Platform

Plexflo is a one-stop platform that provides full-stack features such as:

  • Data preparation capabilities: Plexflo allows for seamless, easy data preparation through intuitive data connectors that can pull data and schedule updates.
  • Data transformation capabilities: With Plexflo’s data transformation capabilities, analyzing data and creating powerful dashboards for insights is easier than ever, making it an essential tool for an ever-shifting energy data landscape.
  • Data visualization: Plexflo provides rich data visualization capabilities with bespoke BI tools like PowerBI and Tableau, enabling users to create intuitive data dashboards with powerful graphics and charts.

Get Involved with Plexflo Industries

Are you interested in experiencing the power of Plexflo Industries for your utilities work? With their risk-free trial, the company guarantees that your investment will save you time and boost your efforts’ impact. Visit their website at or send an email to [email protected], and they will get you set up with the Analytics Environment in no time.


In the regulated utility sector, digital transformation is inevitable. The industry must use the right tools to go about adopting the IoT and Industry 4.0 approaches. Plexflo Industries has positioned itself as the go-to platform for bespoke analytics solutions within the sector, providing a one-stop platform that guarantees efficiency and cybersecurity. With clients such as Xcel Energy, MEP and San Diego Gas & Electric, they are already having a significant impact on the regulated electric utility industry, and its influence is set to grow even further.





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