Startup Showcase: ServUfast LLC Connects Service Providers with Service Seekers Instantly

Revolutionizing the Service Industry with Instant Connections

Have you ever needed a service provider urgently but had to go through the tedious process of searching through directories, making calls, and sending emails? Well, ServUfast has got you covered! ServUfast LLC is a Virginia-based startup that connects service providers with service seekers instantly. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive into how ServUfast is solving the problem of finding reliable services quickly, and why this startup could be the Amazon of instant services.


ServUfast is an on-demand platform that enables service seekers to connect with service providers instantly through a mobile app or website. The platform features service providers across different industries, including healthcare, construction, transportation, hospitality, and more. Once a service provider accepts the request, location tracking begins, allowing the service seeker to know when the provider has arrived on-site. ServUfast’s ability to bridge the gap between service providers and seekers immediately makes it an excellent solution for emergency situations.

Your Team

ServUfast is a Sole Proprietorship, which means it is owned and run by Benny E Laporte, who has vast experience in logistics management, operations, and customer service. Benny envisions ServUfast to be the global leader in the instant service space.


The service industry has always been about human capital, and that’s where the challenge is. Service seekers cannot always trust the quality of the available service providers in directories. In addition, given the nature of the work, service providers may suddenly fall sick or unexpectedly quit a job, leaving service seekers stranded without immediate recourse. This scenario affects many industries, especially healthcare, where workers may need to fill in unexpectedly at any time of day or night.

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ServUfast combines the traditional directory system with state-of-the-art technology, enabling service seekers to search for service providers at any time. The app allows service providers to verify their credentials and availability, while ensuring that they are within proximity to the service seeker. Service seekers, on the other hand, can track the location of the service provider while paying online securely, in-app. This combination of features makes ServUfast a reliable on-demand platform for service providers and service seekers alike.

Business Model

One of the ways in which ServUfast aims to monetize the platform is by charging a percentage from the service provider’s fees as a finder’s fee. The service seeker is not charged anything extra for using the app, and payment is made only when the job is completed.


Thumbtack is a notable competitor in the instant service space. However, ServUfast has the edge over Thumbtack because it’s instant services. Hence significantly reduces the wait time for a service provider.

Your Vision

ServUfast has the potential to become the Amazon of instant services, thanks to the platform’s cohesiveness and ease of use. If ServUfast can successfully penetrate the target market, there is a significant chance of revolutionizing the service industry.


ServUfast has developed its mobile app and website, and they have started providing services to customers.

Funding Ask

ServUfast’s funding goals would be to raise $10 million to expand its operations, enhance its development process, and invest in marketing.


If ServUfast can achieve its vision and capture a significant portion of the market, it could generate significant revenue while improving the quality of services rendered. ServUfast would be able to create jobs and positively impact the economy.

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The next phase for ServUfast is to further develop its platform, hire a team of operations managers, sales professionals, product managers, build on the existing team, and move to the marketing phase. The goal of ServUfast is to revolutionize the service industry and disrupt the traditional directory system. Join us to help Benny to achieve his vision and create a thriving business that benefits both service providers and seekers alike.





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