Startup Showcase: Tennisist – A Revolutionary Tennis App for Fans and Players Alike.

Revolutionizing the Tennis World: Introducing Tennisist, the All-In-One App for Tennis Fans

Are you a tennis fan looking for a suitable opponent to play with, or a player in need of a qualified coach or nearby court to practice on? Look no further than Tennisist, the single ecosystem for all tennis fans. With its global ranking system, verification process for coaches, and partnership with courts and clubs, Tennisist is revolutionizing the tennis world and making it easier than ever for players to find everything they need in one place.

Global Ranking System: Find Your Perfect Opponent

One of the biggest challenges for tennis players is finding someone at their skill level to play against. Tennisist solves this problem with its global ranking system, which helps match players of similar abilities. By simply inputting your own ranking and desired opponent level, you can quickly find suitable players in your area to connect and play with. Plus, you can leave feedback and ratings for your opponent after the match, helping to build a community of players that fosters friendly competition and growth.

Verified Coaches: Learn From the Best

Another challenge in the tennis world is finding qualified coaches who can provide quality instruction. With Tennisist’s KYC verification process, coaches are vetted and given a blue check mark to indicate their status as verified professionals. Coaches can create their own schedules, and clients can leave ratings and feedback after each session to help build a trusted community of coaches and players. With Tennisist, players can rest assured they are getting top-notch instruction from the best in the business.

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Partnered Courts and Clubs: Convenient and Affordable

Tennisist also partners with tennis courts and clubs to make it easy and affordable for players to find nearby locations to play and practice. With Tennisist, players can search for and book tennis courts nearby, and even pay for them immediately within the app. Tennis clubs can also sign up new members through Tennisist, while players can easily find and register for ongoing tournaments. With Tennisist, players can focus on playing, while the app handles the rest.

Monetization: Paid Subscriptions, Boosts, and Advertising

To support its services, Tennisist offers a paid subscription for players who want access to additional features and functionality. For coaches and tennis courts, Tennisist offers a boost feature that will place them at the top of the search list, increasing their visibility and chances of being hired. The app also features advertising spots for businesses looking to reach the tennis audience. Starting January 1, 2023, Tennisist will also offer its own tennis e-commerce platform and branded merchandise, and will open its own international Tennisist league, allowing for tournaments around the world with corresponding leaderboards and various broadcasts.


Tennisist is the future of tennis, making it easier and more convenient for fans and players alike. With its global ranking system, verified coaches, and partnered courts and clubs, Tennisist is poised to transform the tennis world and become the go-to app for all things tennis.

Startup Showcase: Tennisist – A Revolutionary Tennis App for Fans and Players Alike.



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