Influential Media and Entertainment Startups Transforming Santa Monica’s 2023 Landscape

Welcome to the latest edition of, the premier destination for all things startups here in the United States. In this segment, we’re thrilled to take you on a digital tour of the buzzing city of Santa Monica, California — a hotbed of innovation and creativity. This particular region is home to a myriad of exciting, cutting-edge startups, particularly in the Media and Entertainment industry. This vibrant ecosystem boasts a diverse array of businesses, from apps linking entertainment executives, to digital platforms revolutionizing the way we create and enjoy content. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore a selection of these innovative businesses.

Situated along California’s famed coastline, Santa Monica is famous for its pier, its beaches, and its beautiful Mediterranean-style climate. However, it’s also rapidly becoming recognized for its burgeoning tech scene. A slew of Media and Entertainment startups have set up shop here, earning this section of Silicon Beach a reputation as a robust center for tech innovation. In our roundup, we’ve picked out startups that specifically cater to the Media and Entertainment industry, demonstrating how technology is reshaping how we consume content, connect with one another, and explore the world – all from the convenience of our phone screens.

Each of these pioneering companies is unique in its own right, yet they all share a common thread of using technology to disrupt traditional models within their spaces, generate new opportunities, and ultimately, enhance our lives. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these promising startups, their offerings, and the ambitious minds who spearheaded them.


Tap provides a single platform for entertainment executives and creatives to connect, book, find work, execute deals, and pay each other. Operating in the Apps, Lifestyle, Media, and Entertainment sectors, Tap is shaping the way professionals in the entertainment industry network and do business.

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AWAYN, a media publisher and software technology company, specializes in hyperlocalized travel content. Co-founded by Dela Ariela Rostami and P. Ariel Rostami, it’s tech and travel rolled into one, providing users with new travel experiences and unique local insights.


This startup operates directly within the Media and Entertainment industry, pioneering innovation across Film Production, Internet, Media and Entertainment, and Software spaces. ARTISTE PRO™ is helping reshape the way media and entertainment professionals operate.

Mojo Sport

Mojo Sport is an education and training services information center with a focus on sports. Its unique intersection of media, entertainment, sports, and training makes it stand out in the ever-evolving startup landscape.

Falkon Content

Falkon Content is a Media and Entertainment firm that specializes in film development, production, marketing, and advertising. Its rich offering bolsters its reputation in a demanding, fast-paced industry.

Egoli Media

Fueled by the mission to empower all rights holders and content creators, Egoli Media has developed a content search platform tailored towards the Media and Entertainment industry.

Enter the future of social and gaming platforms with This startup approaches digital social interaction from a completely fresh perspective, blurring the lines between gaming and media entertainment.


Zmooz is a unique tool for media publishers that converts content into web stories automatically. Operating at the intersection of Advertising, Digital Media, and Media and Entertainment, this novel platform makes storytelling smarter and more efficient.


Co-founded by Andrei Karalkou and Egor Dubrovsky, Filmustage has reinvented the movie scripting process by offering automated script breakdown and scheduling services. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, it makes the pre-production workflow faster and less stressful.

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Crafted by Kuntal Sampat and Raj Rajkotia, LootMogul is an athlete-led sports metaverse web3 platform. It merges the worlds of Blockchain, Fantasy Sports, Gaming, Media and Entertainment, and Virtual Reality, leading to a new era of digital interaction and consumption.


Autograph is an NFT platform launched by Dillon Rosenblatt, Josh Payne, and legendary quarterback Tom Brady. It bridges sports, culture, and media to create digital collections, utilizing Blockchain, Collectibles, Media and Entertainment, and Sports industry components.

Virgin Music

Virgin Music is a full-service label and distribution company that focuses on artist development. It combines Digital Marketing, Media and Entertainment, and Music to offer extensive support for artists.

Common Ground Studios

Founded by Sarah Yourgrau, Common Ground Studios is a storytelling agency offering creative and media production services. The company is at the forefront of Content Creation, Creative Agencism, Media, and Entertainment.

Halcyon Studios

As an entertainment company, Halcyon Studios operates within the Film, Media, and Entertainment, and TV spheres, further enriching the thriving Santa Monica startup scene.


Providing VIP access to the most in-demand events and tours globally, Granted is a brand new platform co-founded by Shayma Hesari. It combines elements from E-Commerce, Media and Entertainment, and Sports, offering unique experiences and exclusive access.

There you have it. These are just a few of the groundbreaking Media and Entertainment startups pioneering new paths in the vibrant Santa Monica tech scene. As we watch these companies grow and evolve, we’re excited to see how they’ll continue to shape our digital landscapes and redefine the way we navigate media and entertainment.

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