Startup Showcase: The Forum at San Diego Brainworks: Providing Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment for Adolescents and families in California

Transforming Lives through Action, Accountability, and Education.

Are you concerned about your adolescent’s mental health? Are you searching for a comprehensive treatment program that can not only help your child improve their mental health but also provide support to the entire family? Look no further than The Forum at San Diego Brainworks.

As a startup committed to providing the most thorough and comprehensive treatment for adolescents and families, The Forum is making waves in the mental health industry. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this startup stand out.

Comprehensive Treatment for Adolescents and Families

At The Forum, they understand the need for comprehensive treatment. Mental illness not only affects the individual but also the family as a whole. That’s why their program is designed to provide support and education to not only the adolescent but also the family. Through this approach, they aim to help families heal and grow together.

Innovative and Effective Treatment Program

The Forum’s treatment program is innovative, relatable, and effective. Their team of honest and direct providers believes in treating and educating teens and families by holding all parties accountable for their role and responsibility in the treatment process. Through action, transformation is possible, which builds a strong foundation for a healthy sense of self, honesty, humility, and inner and outer peace.

Skills and Techniques for Healthy Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

The Forum believes that everyone is unique and should embrace their uniqueness. They teach skills and techniques that foster healthy and adaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The startup’s goal is to help adolescents and families learn how to display these attributes, leading to better mental health in the long run.

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Linking Adolescents to Mental Health Treatment

The Forum understands that mental health treatment can be difficult to access for adolescents. That’s why they aim to bridge the gap between individuals and mental health treatment. At The Forum, their team guides adolescents and their families through the entire process, linking them to the best health professionals in the field.


The Forum at San Diego Brainworks is a startup that offers a comprehensive mental health treatment program for adolescents and families. Their innovative approach and relatable techniques have been successful in helping individuals and families grow stronger and happier every day. If you’re seeking mental health treatment in California, The Forum is an excellent choice. Visit their website or social media accounts to learn more.


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