Startup Showcase: The Top 15 Commercial Startups in San Francisco

Discover the Latest Disruptive Companies Revolutionizing Commercial Insurance, Real Estate, and Financial Services in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most innovative cities in the world, and its startup ecosystem is a hub for emerging technologies and creative ideas. From fintech to commercial real estate, San Francisco is home to some of the most exciting commercial startups today. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 startups that are disrupting the status quo in their respective industries.

Honeycomb Insurance: Reinventing Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Honeycomb Insurance is a San Francisco-based startup that is revolutionizing commercial real estate insurance. Their platform offers flexible coverage that adapts to each client’s unique risk profile, resulting in lower premiums and better protection. Honeycomb Insurance’s founders, Adam Cherubini, Itai Ben-Zaken, and Nimrod Sadot, have a combined experience of over 20 years in the insurance industry.

Safe-Investing: Crowdfunding for Commercial Real Estate

Safe-Investing is a fintech startup that provides a marketplace for commercial real estate crowdfunding. Their platform connects investors with property owners and developers, offering a new way to invest in commercial real estate. Safe-Investing’s founders, Alex Minakov and his team, have a strong background in real estate and crowdfunding.

Touzi Capital: Real Estate Investment with Tax Benefits

Touzi Capital is a real estate investment firm that provides tax benefits and passive income streams to investors. Their investment opportunities range from multifamily properties to commercial real estate, providing a variety of options for investors. Touzi Capital’s founders, Eng Taing, Heng Taing, and Ryan Beatty, have over 30 years of combined experience in the real estate industry.

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Hatch Data: Building Operations Performance Management

Hatch Data is a building operations performance management software platform for commercial real estate. Their platform uses machine learning algorithms to optimize building performance, reduce energy consumption, and improve tenant satisfaction. Hatch Data’s founders, Ben Mendelson and Zach Robin, have a background in real estate and software engineering.

Bullpen: The Only Freelancer Marketplace for Commercial Real Estate

Bullpen is a freelancer marketplace dedicated to commercial real estate. Their platform connects property owners and developers with freelancers who specialize in commercial real estate, offering a new way to find talent. Bullpen’s founder, Duke Dodson, has over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry.

Hero Real Estate: Property Management Services

Hero Real Estate is a San Francisco-based real estate company specialized in property management services. Their team of experienced property managers offers a full range of services, from tenant screening to rent collection. Hero Real Estate’s founders have a combined experience of over 40 years in the real estate industry.

Polaris Realty: Commercial Real Estate Services

Polaris Realty is a San Francisco-based real estate company that provides property buying, selling, and commercial real estate services. Their team of experienced agents offers a personalized approach to real estate, focusing on the unique needs of each client. Polaris Realty’s founder, Ron Abta, has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Foresight Commercial Insurance: Tying Safe Work Practices to Insurance Savings

Foresight Commercial Insurance is an insurtech startup that ties safe work practices to insurance savings. Their platform uses data analytics and machine learning to identify safety risks and offer personalized insurance plans. Foresight’s founder, David Fontain, has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry.

NOW Insurance Services Inc.: The Future of Commercial Insurance

NOW Insurance Services Inc. is a full-stack commercial insurance platform that caters to health care practitioners, business professionals, and small business owners across industries. The platform is built on the principles of transparency and convenience, offering businesses an easy way to purchase customized insurance policies online. NOW Insurance Services Inc. leverages technology to streamline the underwriting process, allowing businesses to get insured in minutes instead of days. With a team of experienced insurance professionals, NOW Insurance Services Inc. is changing the way commercial insurance is purchased and managed.

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CompScience: Revolutionizing Workers’ Compensation Policy

CompScience is an AI-powered workers’ comp policy that makes workplaces safer and lowers rates. By leveraging computer vision, machine learning, and IoT sensors, the policy identifies potential safety hazards and provides businesses with actionable insights to reduce workplace accidents. CompScience is the only policy of its kind in the market, making it an exciting innovation in the commercial insurance space. With its focus on safety and affordability, CompScience is a startup to watch out for.

PocketBuildings: Organizing Building Visual Information

PocketBuildings is a platform that helps businesses organize and share building visual information to develop, manage, and transact faster. The platform offers tools for asset management, collaboration, file sharing, leasing, and property management. PocketBuildings leverages technology to make building data easily accessible, allowing businesses to make informed decisions based on data insights. With its focus on real estate and construction industries, PocketBuildings is a startup that is changing the way buildings are managed and transacted.

Able: The Future of Commercial Loan Processing

Able is a startup that uses artificial intelligence to expedite commercial loan processing. The platform offers businesses a way to get approved for loans faster and with greater accuracy. Able’s AI-powered loan underwriting process ensures that businesses get the best possible loan terms based on their creditworthiness. With its focus on fintech and financial services, Able is a startup that is making commercial lending more efficient and accessible.

Terrain Analytics: The Power of People, Places, and Data

Terrain Analytics is a startup that offers analytics solutions for commercial real estate and human resources. The platform leverages data to provide insights into employee productivity, real estate performance, and workplace satisfaction. Terrain Analytics offers businesses a way to optimize their workspace and human capital to drive growth and productivity. With its focus on analytics and enterprise software, Terrain Analytics is a startup that is changing the way businesses make decisions.

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AltBanc: Lending Platform for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

AltBanc is a fintech startup that provides a platform for lending services to small and medium-sized businesses. The platform offers businesses access to affordable loans with minimal hassle. AltBanc leverages technology to streamline the underwriting process and provide businesses with fast, customized loan options. With its focus on lending and fintech, AltBanc is a startup that is making commercial lending more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Smart Capital Center: Ultra-Fast Property Valuation and Affordable Financing

Smart Capital Center is a startup that offers ultra-fast property valuation and affordable financing for commercial real estate investors. The platform leverages technology to provide businesses with customized financing options based on the valuation of their property. Smart Capital Center’s focus on commercial real estate makes it a valuable resource for businesses looking to invest in property.


In conclusion, San Francisco is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, with a multitude of commercial startups emerging in various industries. The startups mentioned above represent just a few of the many fascinating and innovative companies that are operating in the Bay Area. From AI-powered workers’ comp policies to full-stack commercial insurance platforms, these startups are using technology and data to revolutionize their respective industries. With their unique offerings and disruptive business models, these startups are poised to make a significant impact on the future of commercial services and technology. It will be exciting to see how they evolve and shape the industry in the coming years.

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