Startup Showcase: WaterClick – Accelerating the Digitization of Small and Medium-sized Utilities

Accelerating the Digitization of Small and Medium-Sized Utilities with Proprietary PaaS Model.

In today’s world, digitization has become an essential aspect of every industry, including utilities. However, many small and medium-sized utilities struggle to digitize their operations due to budget constraints or lack of technical know-how. That’s where WaterClick comes in. WaterClick is a software company based in Chicago, Illinois, dedicated to making the digitization of utilities faster and more accessible. In this startup showcase, we’ll be exploring how WaterClick is simplifying utility digitization through its platform and unique business model.

Streamlining the Onboarding of Digital Tools

One of the biggest challenges for smaller utilities is the onboarding of digital tools. Often, utilities are unable to invest in expensive hardware or software, leading to operational inefficiencies and an inability to report critical metrics. WaterClick offers a platform that streamlines the onboarding of digital tools. Utilities can subscribe to the platform and access pre-configured integrations, a cloud-based dashboard, and a support desk. This makes it easier for utilities to transition to digital tools without incurring significant upfront costs.

Proprietary Click-In Integration

At the core of WaterClick’s business model is its proprietary Click-In integration. Click-In integration is an innovative solution that allows utilities to benefit from recent advances in sensing, analytics, and decision support software. WaterClick’s platform provides utilities with the flexibility to add or remove features that align with their budgets and operational needs. This means that utilities can quickly and easily implement innovations that are typically only available to larger organizations.

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Subscription-Based PaaS Business Model

WaterClick operates on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) business model. This means that utilities can subscribe to WaterClick’s platform and access a suite of digital tools that make it easier to manage their operations. WaterClick’s business model is cost-effective, which makes it easier for smaller utilities to digitize their operations. Additionally, for technology companies with digital water solutions, WaterClick offers an effective path to customers.


WaterClick is an innovative software company that is transforming the way small and medium-sized utilities manage their operations. With its platform, streamline onboarding process, and proprietary Click-In integration, WaterClick makes it easier for utilities to transition to digital tools without breaking the bank. The company’s PaaS business model is an effective solution for utilities looking for digital tools that align with their budget and operational needs. If you’re a utility looking to digitize your operations or a tech company with digital water solutions, WaterClick is an excellent partner to have.



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