Tampa’s Top Consulting Startups Dominating Florida’s Business Landscape in 2023

Florida has been a hotbed for startups, particularly in the consulting industry. An increasing number of entrepreneurs are choosing Tampa as the headquarters for their ventures, attracted by the wealth of resources, vast pool of talent and burgeoning tech scene. This article highlights some of the most innovative consulting startups based in Tampa:

Independent Financial Partners

Independent Financial Partners is an investment adviser and insurance agency that provides compliance and asset management services. Founded by William E Hamm, the firm has carved out a niche in the areas of Advice, Asset Management, Consulting, and Financial Services.


RightFirms is a B2B research and review platform for top services companies & marketing agencies. Specializing in Advertising, B2B, B2C, Consulting, Consumer Reviews, Information Technology, and Market Research, RightFirms bridges the gap between service providers and businesses.

Velocity Z

Velocity Z is a growth accelerator firm offering insights, knowledge and skills to help tech startups expand and fortify their brands. Predominantly focused on Business Development, Consulting, and Information Technology, Velocity Z is all about accelerating growth.


CollabFirst is a recruiting and consulting firm for the telecommunications sector, broadband, and tower technicians, providing unparalleled employment solutions in these industries.

Evolve Resources

Evolve Resources is dedicated to providing recruitment services for the healthcare sector, helping facilitate growth and success in this crucial industry.

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Dealership Toolkit

Dealership Toolkit is a custom software development firm that thrives on resolving technology challenges for its clients. It actively promotes innovation and growth in the Consulting and Marketing industries.


StrataFlows specializes in process automation software solutions for the manufacturing, logistics, construction, and service industries. Through its innovative solutions, StrataFlows is revolutionizing how businesses operate.

Mobile OptiX

Mobile OptiX, cofounded by Jason A Brant and Natasha Mirza, is a mobile eye clinic providing residential eye care services such as home visits, eyewear, retinal imaging, and examinations.

Griffin Resources

Griffin Resources is a human resources consulting firm offering payroll, employee relation, analytics, recruiting, and support services, displaying noteworthy performance in Consulting, Human Resources, and Professional Networking.

501 Data Solutions

501 Data Solutions, founded by Michael Fiaschetti, is an IT consultancy that delivers data solutions—from data hygiene to fundraising and CMS software solutions—for non-profit organizations.

Surrogacy Florida Consultants

Surrogacy Florida Consultants offer diagnostic assessments, psychological counseling, and in vitro fertilization services, making a significant contribution in Consulting, Healthcare, Health Diagnostics, and Women’s industries.

Tampa Bay Latin Chamber of Commerce

Tampa Bay Latin Chamber of Commerce, founded by Cesar R. Hernandez, provides professional services, tech & economic development services as a Non-Profit Organization.

Customer Service Hero

Customer Service Hero provides innovative solutions to customer service problems. This startup is making a mark in the Consulting, Customer Service, and Field Support sectors.

Zetta Ampersand

Zetta Ampersand, founded by Andreas Calabrese, is a consulting firm focused on automation & innovation in the IT industry.

Advanced Health Analytics AHA

Advanced Health Analytics AHA, founded by Karl A L Smith, use data analytics support transparent, accountable, and effective decision making in the industries of Consulting, IT, and Software.

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These Tampa-based consulting startups are setting the pace in their respective industries, displaying inspiring innovation and proving why the city is fast becoming a hub for consulting businesses.

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