Top Austin Professional Services Startups Influencing US Market in 2023

Innovative startup culture has found fertile ground in Austin, Texas. Known for a lively arts scene, strong job market, and a thriving economy, Austin is also home to a handful of burgeoning professional services startups delivering unique solutions. From finance to health, technology, and even hospitality, these organizations are poised to revolutionize their respective industries. We’re thrilled to take you on a journey through these Austin-based startups, diving into what they do and the services they offer.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives you a sense of the dynamic range of startups operating in Austin. The professional service industry in Austin is broad, with each of these startups having carved out their niches by addressing specific gaps in the market – a mark of entrepreneurial success. Read on to learn more about them.

We’re excited to introduce you to each of these startups, and we’re sure you’ll find their stories as inspiring as we do. Now, in no particular order, let’s meet the startups!

Door Capital Partners

Door Capital Partners is a private equity firm investing exclusively in hospitality assets. As an industry leader in Financial Services, Professional Services, and Real Estate Investment, Door Capital Partners is undoubtedly an establishment to watch.


OrderB4 is a pioneer in its field, providing a multi-brand software solution uniquely designed for ghost kitchens and virtual brands. Co-founded by J. Randy Murphy, OrderB4 operates within the Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software sectors.

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SHIR Capital

SHIR Capital is an asset and revenue management firm. A powerhouse within the Asset Management, Professional Services, and Real Estate sectors, it provides a unique offering that combines professionalism with expertise.

IronClad Consulting

Specializing in fractional finance solutions, strategy, growth support, and advisory services, IronClad Consulting Services offers comprehensive solutions for businesses in the Consulting, Financial Services, and Professional Services sectors.

Austin Health Partners

Pediatric and family medicine is the specialty of medical clinic Austin Health Partners. With a primary focus on Health Care, Medical, and Professional Services, it seeks to provide exceptional care for Austin families.

Salient Strategies

Salient Strategies is a PR firm that provides strategic advice with a special focus on government affairs and political strategy. Co-founded by Dustin Cox, Salient Strategies is a player to watch in the Advice, Consulting, Legal, Professional Services, and Public Relations arenas.

Clarity Factoring

Clarity Factoring delivers tailor-made traditional and modern factoring services to vendors and trade creditors. Their unparalleled expertise in Accounting, Financial Services, and Professional Services makes Clarity Factoring a crucial player in these sectors.

Chronically Capable

Networking the chronically ill and disabled job seekers with flexible job opportunities, Chronically Capable is a digital talent marketplace committed to fostering a supportive community. Check out their mission at Its founders are Hannah Olson and Kai Keane.


Veseris is a busy player in the Consumer Goods, Environmental Consulting, and Professional Services sectors. The company distributes a wide range of pest management and environmental products and services.

Emerald Labs

As a Custom Software Development Company, Emerald Labs specializes in developing MVP for high-growth startups in the USA. It’s co-founded by Ali Syed, Mian Faizan Mahmood, and Naqi Syed.

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