Top Austin Real Estate Startups Revolutionizing Texas Property Market in 2023

Startups around the world are constantly disrupting traditional industries, and real estate is no exception. In the heart of Texas, Austin is playing host to a thriving blend of real estate startups leveraging technology, financial services, and innovative business models to redefine the sector. In this feature, we take a closer look at some noteworthy real estate startups based in Austin. From hospitality services to flexible workspaces, here are a variety of promising enterprises worth keeping an eye on.


Boutiq is a unique startup operating at the intersection of hospitality, real estate, and travel. Co-founded by Dan Driscoll and Rena Pacheco-Theard, Boutiq specializes in providing high-quality hospitality services in the vacation rental industry. Whether for business or pleasure, Boutiq aims to deliver unforgettable experiences to its clientele.


Dwelling embodies the integration of technology and real estate. Their platform leverages technology to simplify the home buying process, promising to save buyers thousands while ensuring a seamless transaction. With a focus on finance, financial services, and Fintech in the realm of property management, Dwelling is on its way to revolutionizing property transactions.

Door Capital Partners

An integral player in the financial services sector, Door Capital Partners is a private equity firm that invests in hospitality assets. By leveraging its deep understanding of the real estate industry, the startup provides professional services within the category of real estate investments.

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SHIR Capital

SHIR Capital is a professional services provider in asset management and revenue management. Their expertise in managing various financial aspects related to real estate makes them an instrumental company in this industry.

Metric Property Management

Offering an all-round solution to property needs, Metric Property Management specializes in management, construction, and financial services. Their integrated approach has made them a valuable partner for leasing, property management, real estate, and rental services.

Fairground Real Estate

Fairground Real Estate operates as a property manager and real estate agent. Their expertise in property management and sales enables them to provide top-notch services to their clients.

Multi-Family Asset Quest

The financial service company Multi-Family Asset Quest, operates within the finance, financial services, and real estate industries. They are dedicated to providing superior financial solutions to their clients.


Powered by big data, FuseGIS enables clients to make data-backed decisions in the real estate sector. Co-founded by Andre Suissa and Justin Suissa, this startup leverages software and commercial real estate expertise to offer invaluable real estate insights.


NowSpace is redefining how businesses perceive and utilize office space. Spearheaded by Nate Paul, this startup operates in commercial real estate, coworking, hospitality, and property development sectors.

Gunn Real Estate Group

Gunn Real Estate Group is a startup that offers real estate brokerage services. Their commitment to customer service and investment in residential real estate sets them apart in the industry.

NextGen Real Capital

NextGen Real Capital specializes in commercial real estate investment, multi-family projects, and property management services, adding value to the real estate investment and property management sectors.

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CREI Partners

CREI Partners is a ground-breaking startup in the real estate investment sector. Their deep knowledge in the commercial real estate industry enables them to create ranges of profitable investment opportunities for their clients.

Ensor & Co., Realtors

Ensor & Co. Realtors offers an array of real estate services including brokerage, property management, and home selling and buying services. They are known for their unfailing dedication to meeting their clients’ diverse real estate needs.


Cantina demonstrates the convergence of far-sighted concepts like community living, hospitality, and experience design within the real estate industry. Their mission lies in creating thoughtfully designed community environments which people would love to call home.

Jack Buys Austin Houses

Jack Buys Austin Houses operates in the real estate investment segment. They offer a quick and hassle-free process for selling homes in Austin, reflecting the rising trend of investment in residential real estate in the area.

In conclusion, these Austin-based startups are breathing new life into the real estate industry with novel approaches and cutting-edge solutions. With their diverse offerings and innovative strategies, they represent the future of real estate in the U.S and beyond.

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