Exploring Austin’s Pioneering and Influential Artificial Intelligence Startups in 2023

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups are making a splash across the globe, and the city at the forefront of innovation is Austin, Texas. With an ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship, Austin is nurturing an impressive diversity of AI startups. From automating business processes and insurance brokerage platforms to e-commerce and talent management, these startups are transforming various industries. Let’s take a closer look at these innovative Texan prodigies making significant strides in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The subsequent highlighted startups are altering the landscape of traditional business sectors, applying AI in groundbreaking ways. Their technologies span across multiple fields including automation, predictive analytics, and machine learning, continually pushing the boundaries of the conceivable. Austin’s thriving startup scene and its advances in AI serve as a testament to the city’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit.

These startups are not just utilizing AI to enhance their own operations but are also offering AI solutions to other businesses. Their services range from detailed analytics to intelligent automation providing enterprises the ability to make strategic data-driven decisions, reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies. Here are some of the most notable and groundbreaking AI startups currently spearheading the innovation charge in Austin, Texas.


LitLingo, founded by Kevin Brinig and Todd Sifleet, designs an A.I. platform that helps businesses manage risk, improve their culture, and save money with every communication sent, leveraging AI, machine learning, and natural language processing.

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Tquila Automation

Tquila Automation helps businesses automate their processes using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. Their specialization includes RPA, intelligent automation, advisory services, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation.


Founded by Harish Agastya and Nivedita Ratakonda, BigLittle.ai focuses on transforming business processes using emerging technologies.


AutoLabs is an automotive company that provides AI-driven automation for auto retailers. They’re driving efficiency in the automotive retail industry through AI.


Started by Sri Rao Boddapu and Usha Boddapu, Arytic is an analytics and predictive insights employment platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to connect job seekers, hiring agencies, employers, and recruiters.

Altway Insurance

Altway Insurance, an AI-driven direct-to-consumer insurance brokerage platform founded by Brendan McCord, is changing the way we think of insurance with AI.

Detecting Talent

Detecting Talent is a data-driven talent management platform that leverages AI and machine learning technology to make talent management more efficient and effective.

Universal Intelligence

Specializing in AI strategy, spatial computing, and enterprise software development, Universal Intelligence is a consultancy firm that helps organizations create powerful AI strategies.


Actionworks is revolutionizing learning by offering online workshops and courses for entrepreneurs and innovators, enriched with AI and room intelligence.


Co-founded by Dmitry Karpov, Mike Rozhin, and Sergey Yudovskiy, ElectroNeek is a robotic process automation platform ideal for MSPs & IT service providers.

Click Engine

Click Engine, founded by Nathan Biles, is amplifying web analytics with an AI-driven web analytics and advertising management SaaS.


Co-founded by Bargava Subramanian and Tuhin Sharma, Binaize is an AI-based real-time conversion intelligence product tailored for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses.

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Hempchain is the world’s first SaaS AI-AR-IIoT-Robotics dual blockchain for the emerging $1T Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Hemp-based products & services sector.


Co-founded by Dave Gullo and Mark Hellinger, Videate promises an efficient digital media process, from script to screen, with AI.


Founded by Charlie Bateman, Eric Kottke, and Gerardo Cambronero, Orkestry develops online platform businesses, and an emerging AI company.

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