Exploring Chicago’s Pioneering Blockchain Startups: Shaping Future of US Tech

The Chicago, Illinois startup scene has seen a surge of exciting and innovative blockchain startups. These companies are aiming to utilise the power of blockchain technology to drive change and results in a host of diverse industries. From decentralised web design to leveraging NFTs in community-building, here is a look at some of the most interesting blockchain startups from Chicago.


Kodex is focused on using decentralised blockchains similar to Bitcoin, alongside promising technologies like NFTs, to build their website. The startup falls under the blockchain industry and although the founders remain anonymous, the work of the company speaks for itself in this promising and rapidly evolving tech landscape.


ΛDΛPTRΛCK, founded by Niraj Swami and Vince Virga, is an AI-powered platform driving impactful behaviours in work and life. It functions across the artificial intelligence, blockchain and personalization industries.


Inverse was established by Joe Lee to build tools that help monetize online communities and events. This innovative venture operates within the blockchain, internet, and software industries.


Founded by Alexander Guseff, Crispmind specialises in delivering advanced cybersecurity, distributed ledger protocol, and mobile application development. This startup operates specifically within the realms of blockchain, cybersecurity, and software development.

Spaceman ID

Spaceman ID, established by Dev Bharel, provides solutions for creating secure, private, and portable digital identities. The company operates within the blockchain, identity management, and software industries.

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Yield Protocol

Founded by Allan Niemerg, Yield Protocol is developing a decentralized lending protocol that enables fixed-term, fixed-rate lending in the decentralized finance sphere. The startup’s significant industries are Blockchain, Finance, Financial Services, and FinTech.


Cypher, founded by Barrett Williams, is a decentralized synthetic asset protocol, allowing retail and institutional investors to create and trade pre-public markets. The startup operates within the Blockchain and FinTech industries.

Themelio Labs

Themelio Labs, founded by Yuhao Dong, aims to provide a secure foundation for the new Internet. They operate in the Blockchain and Information Technology industries. Find more about them here.

The Crypto Recruiters

Launched by Emily Landon, The Crypto Recruiters provides recruitment services for companies operating in blockchain, crypto, Web3, DeFi, Metaverse and NFT spaces.

Mint Gate

MintGate, founded by David Tomu, Jonathan Dunlap, and Luis Fernando Egea, helps NFT creators develop specific tokens or keys for their community users, operating within the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces.

Health Blockchain Security Services

Founded by Daniel Addison, Health Blockchain Security Services offers advanced security analytics for all Blockchain business sectors and businesses, primarily focusing on the Blockchain and Cyber Security industries.


YFDAI is all about bringing transparency to financial services within the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces.

Quadchain Solutions Foundation

Quadchain Solutions Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides digital financial services with a focus on the Blockchain, Finance, Financial Services, Non-Profit, and Payments industries.

Kijiji Hub

Kijiji Hub specializes in the design, development, and launch of blockchain applications, focusing on Blockchain, Software Engineering, and UX Design as their main industries.

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Founded by Scott McLauglin, AgoraLV is a company dedicated to scientific wellness testing and operates within the Blockchain and Sports industries.

In conclusion, blockchain technology is providing a versatile framework on which innovative startups can construct impactful solutions. These Chicago-based startups are pressing the boundaries of what’s doable, fuelling innovation across a variety of industries and changing the landscape of the digital world as we know it.

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