Top Finance Startups Influencing Chicago’s Economic Landscape in 2023

In the bustling landscape of American startups, Chicago stands out as a city fostering monumental growth and innovation within the finance industry. From banking to investment, fintech to personal finance, these startups are transforming traditional financial structures and broadening the possibilities for consumer and business finance. In this article, we will look at 15 finance startups based in Chicago that are making waves with their pioneering ideas and solutions.

These businesses hail from a spectrum of sectors within the finance industry, demonstrating how Chicago is a nurturing environment for a range of financial startups. The list of startups we are highlighting includes businesses focusing on leveraging AI for financial decision making, companies offering alternative financing options, or those championing women in finance. Each startup uniquely contributes to the expansive finance ecosystem.

Take a closer look at these innovative businesses, their founders, and how they are making a significant impact in the financial world.

Bridge Money

Founded by Lalit Janak, Bridge Money is an impressive fintech company that works to help users create wealth every day. Ensuring people’s personal finance is in top shape, this innovative startup is defining the future of the banking sector.


Amount, established by Al Goldstein, is a technology company revolutionizing the digitization drive of financial institutions. Operating at the intersection of banking, finance, financial services, and fintech, Amount helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey.

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With Kenny Estes at its helm, Diffuse stands out as a pioneering platform bringing together emerging funds for expansive investment opportunities. The firm brings rigor and method to investment decisions, creating a comprehensive platform for the finance, financial services, fintech, and venture capital sectors.

First Women’s Bank

Founded by Kim Vender Moffat, First Women’s Bank marks a significant milestone in women’s financial empowerment. The platform is uniquely designed to connect small businesses with innovative capital solutions.

Regiment Investment Bank

A vanguard in the world of digital banking, Regiment Investment Bank effectively connects capital to investment opportunities. Leveraging modern technology, it is redefining banking experiences for all its users.

Controllers Council

With the entrepreneurial spirit of Neil Brown, the Controllers Council serves as a one-stop solution for financial controllers. The organization offers a wide array of programs and resources, ensuring optimal management of finance, accounting, and marketing aspects.

Compass Energy Platform

The Compass Energy Platform is an online development and financing platform that combines the best of finance and infrastructure. The startup offers unique solutions that drive growth and economic stability.

NSS Lending

NSS Lending caters to the financial needs of real estate investors by providing alternative financing solutions. They leverage their knowledge of the market to offer accessible, flexible financial services to their customer base.


At the helm of Aiolux is Biz Chatterjee. Aiolux not only serves as an AI-powered assistant but also provides actionable insights that simplify the process of making informed investment decisions. Its dynamic blend of AI and fact-based insights solve the problem of information overload for investors.

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KPI Sense

Founded by William Cordes, KPI Sense offers industry-tailored financial reporting solutions. Their B2B SaaS model provides perfect solutions for all start-up needs, merging accounting, data visualization, finance, software, and various other sectors.


Created by David Umeh and Ebrima Jobe, Clouty uniquely parallels data, music, and finance. Their platforms transform music into a tradable asset via derivatives, reimagining its value in an innovative way.

Yield Protocol

Yield Protocol, founded by Allan Niemerg, is shaping the future of finance by bringing fixed-term, fixed-rate lending to decentralised finance. Leveraging blockchain technology, the platform redefines financial service accessibility.


Collab.Land serves up an innovative community-management system. The IT company is a catalyst for community engagement and offers multiple solutions via a unique platform for various NFT communities.

Magma Capital Funds

Gershie Vann is the founder behind Magma Capital Funds, a quantitative hedge fund. Magma Capital blurs the lines between fintech and traditional hedge fund practices, boosting both efficiency and accessibility within the investment world.


Established by Neha Govindraj, Bonside is a financial services provider that fundamentally changes the way businesses find funding opportunities. The startup offers invaluable support to businesses seeking to grow and evolve.

Taking inspiration from these startups, it is evident that Chicago is at the forefront of financial innovation. The city continues to bloom as a launchpad for inventive and groundbreaking approaches to personal and business finance evolution.

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