Top Influential Human Resources Startups Shaping LA’s Business Scene in 2023

The Human Resources landscape is witnessing a radical shift in Los Angeles, California. Innovative startups are emerging, each with unique solutions to tackle employee engagement, talent acquisition, health and well-being in the workplace, inclusion and diversity, and many other HR-focused aspects. These startups are leveraging the power of technology and are transforming the traditional ways of delivering HR services. Let’s take a closer look at some of these trailblazing startups that are redefining the workforce ecosystem.

These companies range from those providing all-inclusive platforms for diversity hiring to ones offering wellness benefits models that meet the needs of the modern workforce. Whether offering consulting services specifically targeting finance professionals or creating decentralized work models, these startups are attacking traditional HR issues and barriers head-on.

More interestingly, some of these startups are not just aimed at providing HR solutions for other companies but also fostering a culture of wellness and growth within their own operations. Now, let’s delve into the detailed insights of these promising startups and learn about the ingenious solutions they bring to HR management.


Mathison is positioned as the first all-inclusive platform for diversity hiring and retention. Founded by Arthur Woods and Dave Walsh, they operate primarily in the delivery, human resources, internet, and software industries, with a mission to create an inclusive workplace for all.


Founded by Jonathan Shooshani and Sebastian Elghanian, JOON offers wellness benefits for the modern workforce. JOON demonstrates its commitment to employee welfare by providing innovative solutions in the field of human resources.

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Three Good

Three Good, a startup by Braven Greenelsh, uses insights and analytics on team mental health and wellbeing to create a better workplace environment. They are primarily rooted in the analytics, human resources, SaaS, and wellness industries.

CFO’s Domain

CFO’s Domain is a consulting, recruiting firm founded by Patrick Coggins. They specialize in providing services for accounting and finance professionals. Industries they serve include consulting, human resources, recruiting, and staffing agencies.


At the helm of Launchmaps is Jared Rouppet. Launchmaps is building the future of work, decentralizing traditional work environments. Their industries include apps, enterprise software, human resources, IT, internet, and market research.


Founded by Michelle Ida Heng, Everlaunch is a SaaS that helps aspiring entrepreneurs overcome fundamental challenges in starting their business. Their area of expertise include consulting, human resources, IT, insurance, and internet.


Peony is modernizing recruitment, humanizing talent, and revitalizing organizations. Their focus is on providing high-quality services in the field of human resources, recruiting, and staffing agencies.

JM Talent

JM Talent offers staffing services for the software development, data science, and product management sectors. From recruiting top talent to managing staffing processes, they offer a wide variety of services.


6nomads is a recruiting and technical assessment platform for remote tech companies. Founded by Denis Shershnev, Ksenia Busheva, and Stan Kharlamov, they are changing the landscape of the human resources, product design, recruiting, and software industries. is a private job board for senior executive roles ($250k+), and updated daily. Their consistent and precise services make them a crucial part of the human resources and recruiting industry.

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With the tagline “The fastest way to get a better job,” JobStep provides services in the industries of consulting, human resources, and recruiting. Elenor Meegoda is the founder of this game-changing platform.


Founded by Cameron Lindsay and Haibo Zhao, Haystack is an employee experience platform that connects the company’s communication, knowledge, and people to a single platform. Industries they serve include human resources, IT, and SaaS.


SkillBank, founded by Mehak Vohra, offers a 1:1 mentorship and training program for entry-level marketing roles. Some of the industries they cover include communities, continuing education, E-Learning, human resources, and marketing.

Leonard Cyber

Founded by Dean Valentine and Etienne Lunetta, Leonard Cyber performs data-driven aptitude testing for offensive security positions. They are making a difference in human resources, recruiting, and the security sector.

Employee in Need

Employee In Need is a job board platform for employers and candidates. This platform streamlines the connection between job seekers and employers, offering key solutions in employment, human resources, and recruiting.

In conclusion, HR Tech startups in Los Angeles, California, are reshaping the world of work and making it more vibrant and inclusive. These innovators are certainly worth following as they continue to disrupt the HR industry and bring fresh insights to the human resources landscape.

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