Top Los Angeles Hospitality Startups Shaping The Industry in 2023

Los Angeles, California, recognized as the global trend-setting hub and home to Hollywood, is progressively notching up another reputation as the cradle of exciting startups. The city isn’t just about movies and glamour, it’s undeniably turning into a hotbed of innovation, especially within the hospitality industry. The unique intermingling of diverse talents and ideas has spurred an entrepreneurial spirit in individuals, resulting in an impressive array of audacious startups. Here’s a spotlight on some game-changing hospitality startups, based out of LA, that are revolutionizing various aspects of the hospitality industry.

These startups span various sub-verticals within hospitality, such as events, catering, lodging, travel, real estate, and more, and have each established a unique niche in their respective domains. Armed with grit and vision, these ventures challenge the status quo, elevate customer experiences, and redefine the entire landscape of hospitality. Come, dive into these inspiring stories of innovation and disruption.

What sets them apart? Who are the minds behind these ventures? Let’s delve deeper into these startups, understand their narratives, and appreciate their nuances.


Tend was brought to life by Charles Soll, Davis Waddell, and Grant Delgado, and is revolutionizing the event-hosting landscape. Tend is a premier marketplace for hospitality staffing and has successfully carved its niche in catering, music venues, events, and wedding industry. Unsatisfied with the conventional way of staffing for events, the trio founded Tend to provide a modern take on the hospitality sector.

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Dack, co-founded by Damon Mintzer, improves home-stay experiences by developing a SaaS platform. The venture comfortably sits at the intersection of hospitality, information technology, Software, and travel industry. Through its innovative solutions, Dack aims to break free from primitive practices and make homestays more convenient and delightful.

CurEnt Group

CurEnt Group, founded by Joel Menzin and Lee Barkalow, provides clients with unparalleled access to a variety of exclusive, one-of-a-kind entertainment events. Sprouting from a kernel of unique idea, today CurEnt Group is a go-to name in the travel, ticketing, and events industry.

Trousdale Ventures

Trousdale Ventures was incepted by Phillip Sarofim. It serves as an innovative venture proud of backing trailblazing startups and designing a bright future. Trousdale is a unique blend, touching upon various industries like consumer goods, hospitality, information technology, lifestyle, transportation, and venture capital.

Terraza of Cheviot Hills

Terraza of Cheviot Hills is an assisted living community deeply engrossed in the spheres of assisted living, healthcare and hospitality. It brings to plate a unique amalgamation of providing healthcare and a sense of community in its hospitality offering.


Ascendant has marked its presence in the finance, hospitality and real estate investment industry. As an integrated real estate investment and operating platform, Ascendant focuses on hospitality and lodging properties and ventures to breathe fresh life into these spaces.


Sugar founded by Fatima Dicko and Lawrence Isaiah Morris, is a unique venture that converges hospitality, real estate, and technology. By integrating with technology stacks that power modern buildings, Sugar aims to transform the residential experience and build community.

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Evolusen strives to bring a breath of fresh air to the tourism and hospitality industry with its innovative influencer marketing platform. With its groundbreaking offerings, Evolusen seeks to recalibrate traditional marketing strategies and change the game.

The Host Co.

The Host Co. was founded by Annie Sloan and Mikel Hubbard and acts as a unique Retail Platform for Airbnb guests. Moving away from conventional norms, The Host Co. provides an elevated experience for guests, while boosting revenue for hosts by providing a shopping platform within the rental property.


CyberDyme, founded by Cleveland Brown, is poised to redefine the retail-technology landscape. It seamlessly combines consulting, e-commerce, fashion, hospitality, and travel with virtual reality, offering ‘VRcommerce’ – commerce solutions for Virtual Reality.

Hart House

Hart House is a unique restaurant chain that serves an array of scintillating dishes like sandwiches, nuggets, salads, shakes, and drinks, promising a gripping gastronomic experience for food aficionados.


Lightly is a brainchild of Dominique Olowolafe and pioneers the concept of ‘Luxury Baby Care’ in the consumer goods, hospitality, and travel industry. It has carved a niche by converging top-notch hospitality with baby care, promising unparalleled convenience for travelling families.

Posh Studios

Posh Studios stands at the intersection of hospitality and creativity by designing and operating creative studios and flex space for film, photography, and private events. Ensuring exceptional aesthetics and functionality, Posh Studios creates inspiring spaces for creators.

EMC Hospitality

EMC Hospitality is a full-service foodservice consulting organization. Holding a strong foothold in the realms of consulting, hospitality, and professional services, EMC Hospitality provides holistic, customer-centric solutions.

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Roomfast was established by Palash Tiwari and offers a tech-enabled marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodations through mobile phones or the internet. Striding into the realms of hospitality, mobile apps, property management, real estate, rental, residential, software, travel, and travel accommodations, Roomfast offers a seamless booking experience.

These LA-based startups are reimagining conventional paradigms, bridging gaps, and pushing boundaries within the hospitality industry. By harnessing innovation and technology, they each reflect a unique iteration of the booming LA startup scene.

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Read more from US Venture News  Is Blockchain AI the Future of Streamlining Legal Workflows in the US?
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