Top Influential IT Tampa Startups Revolutionizing Tech Landscape in USA

Starting a business is no easy task, but doing so in the field of Information Technology (IT) presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. Specifically, emerging IT startups in Tampa, Florida are quickly transforming the tech scene with innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, and a bold new take on what it means to be a tech startup. These emerging startups are working across numerous sectors, from AI to SaaS, employing technology in groundbreaking new ways that push the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from the industry.

The diverse range of these startups is truly impressive, with each company possessing its own unique spin on their respective industry verticals. Each of these teams are working diligently to provide better solutions, creating opportunities, and fostering innovation. From automation to enterprise software, health technology to advertising platforms, here’s a closer look at these dynamic Tampa-based startups that are reshaping the Information Technology landscape.

This collection of startups serves as a testament to the exciting innovation unfolding within Tampa’s tech scene. Without further ado, let’s delve into the vibrant ecosystem of Tampa’s IT startups:


Reptrics is modernizing business-customer interaction with their cutting-edge management platform. Founded by Kevin Goodwin and Zack Simon, the enterprise leverages technology for superior service in the fields of consumer reviews, reputation, SaaS, and enterprise software.


Ajivar is pioneering the personal self-improvement domain with its AI-powered life coach platform. This startup, established by Raj Goyal, is making headway in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Software industries.

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Constellation4 Health

Constellation4 Health is a healthcare technology firm founded by Saru Seshadri. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing payer-provider relationships to improve patient outcomes.


RightFirms operates as a B2B platform that enables in-depth research and reviews for leading service providers and marketing agencies.

Velocity Z

Velocity Z is an accelerator firm designed to provide growth insights, skills, and knowledge to budding tech startups in the process of brand building and development.


StrataFlows provides tailored process automation software solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, construction, and service.

Zetta Ampersand

Zetta Ampersand, founded by Andreas Calabrese, is a consulting firm dedicated to driving innovation through automation.

Advanced Health Analytics AHA

Advanced Health Analytics AHA, helmed by Karl A L Smith, works to transform complex data into actionable insights that inform and drive decision-making.

ShiftCode Analytics

ShiftCode Analytics is a consulting firm providing a wide array of IT staffing and engineering services.


Lunchpool, a startup by Alexander and Avie Abell, is a SaaS App aimed at facilitating multi-person lunch meetings based on mutual interests and connections.

Greenlyst Inc.

Greenlyst Inc., formed by Abishek Raghavan Srikaanth and Mike Pasley, operates a unique drop-shipping platform dedicated to CBD products.


Deepwatch, co-founded by Justin Morehouse, offers comprehensive protection for enterprise networks via its cloud security platform.


Rentathon is a P2P e-commerce platform developed by Alex Kranias, Ayush Pai, and Krish Asknani, which facilitates user-powered rentals and listings of photography equipment.


Nickelytics, co-founded by Judah Longgrear and Shama Keskar, is a creative company remodeling advertising for the modern age.


Lazarillo, a venture by Alvaro Cordova and René Espinoza, is mapping a world for everyone through its innovative location-based services and navigation solutions.

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In conclusion, these startups are pulling Tampa’s tech scene into the limelight and propelling the city into the future of Information Technology.

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