Top Influential Software Startups Revolutionizing Tampa’s Tech Ecosystem

Tampa, Florida, has been steadily making a name for itself as a burgeoning tech hub in the United States. A variety of innovative software startups has carved a niche in this city, transforming various industries from healthcare to information technology, project management, and more. In this article, we explore some of Tampa’s most exciting software startups, their unique products, and the minds behind these innovative ventures.

These startups tell the story of a city that promotes innovation and creativity, where entrepreneurs can grow their ventures backed by robust support resources, and where the possibilities of technology are being explored and implemented in new and exciting ways. Their success may very well shape the future of various sectors on a global scale.

Without further ado, let us delve into what each of these tech startups has to offer and how they are paving ways in their respective industries.

Remote Care Partners

Remote Care Partners“, co-founded by Gregg Smith, offers a cloud-based platform facilitating population and remote care program management. It operates in the Health Care, Software, and Cloud Data Services industry, making it an integral component of modern healthcare initiatives.

Embrace Software

Embrace Software“, founded by Mohan Plakkot, specializes in the acquisition and operation of niche software. This startup stands apart in its drive to continuously evolve and improve upon software technology.

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Reptrics“, led by Kevin Goodwin and Zack Simon, modernizes business-to-customer interaction with its management platform. It operates across a string of industries, including Consumer Reviews, Enterprise Software, Internet, Reputation, and more, enhancing the consumer experience through advanced tech solutions.


Ajivar“, launched by Raj Goyal, provides an AI-powered life coach, reinventing the Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software industry.


HelloScribe“, an AI assistant helping PR practitioners enhance efficiency and concentrate on key tasks. Its fresh approach to the uses of AI technology contributes to a dynamic shift in Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, and Software industries.


Rise8 delivers Elite Software Development for Critical Missions and is revolutionizing the way government agencies build, deploy, and utilize critical software. 


Iteright” allows software product teams to produce customer-centric solutions through data-driven validation activities, positioning itself as an influencer in the Developer Platform, Tools, and Software industry.


Talinity“, founded by Ted Westerheide, offers job application services that assist in job and company search. This startup is revolutionizing the Apps, Mobile Apps, and Software industries.

Naya Software

Enterprise solution “Naya Software” enables secure transaction information storage in a cloud-based database.


StrataFlows” specializes in process automation software solutions for diverse industries such as manufacturing, logistics, construction, and services, enhancing productivity and efficiency within these sectors.


Triafy“, under the leadership of Gerwai Todd, has developed a knowledge base for ticket triage, which empowers non-technical dispatchers.

Advanced Health Analytics AHA

Advanced Health Analytics (AHA)“, a brainchild of Karl A L Smith, enables efficient decision making by extracting meaningful and actionable data.

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ShiftCode Analytics

ShiftCode Analytics” offers IT staffing and engineering services. Their consulting expertise allows businesses to align the right talent with appropriate technical demands.


CROOW“, a creative collaboration and project management SaaS company innovatively led by David Capece, is unifying business leaders, project managers, and creatives.

Maka Social

Maka Social“, co-founded by Andrea Mcloughlin, Michael Freed, and Phillip Welch, has developed an app designed to promote real-world connections and interactions, thereby adding color to the Apps and Software industry.

All these startups are shaping the future of tech, keeping Tampa at the forefront of this exciting journey. As they continue to grow and innovate, we can only expect amazing developments in the realm of software technology and the industries they touch.

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