Top Influential Los Angeles Gaming Startups Shaping Future Tech Trends

Los Angeles, a city known for its contributions to the entertainment industry, has recently become a hub for innovative gaming startups. From companies that are pioneering the integration of blockchain and gaming, to those developing unique competitive gaming platforms and dedicated gaming venture funds, the city has become a hotspot for revolutionary gaming entities. In this article, we highlight 15 of these unique startups and provide detailed report about their missions, accomplishments, and potential directions for the future.


Founded by Armando Kirwin and Ryan Horrigan, Artie is a startup that aims to redefine the mobile gaming experience for players while improving the economics for developers in the mobile gaming sphere. Their focus spans various industries including Blockchain, Digital Entertainment, Gaming, Mobile, and Social Media.

Digital Insight Games

Even though they have kept their founder(s) anonymous, Digital Insight Games is generating buzz in LA’s gaming ecosystem. Their gaming studio is committed to building AAA blockchain RPG, marrying the worlds of blockchain technology and traditional gaming.


With a dynamic founding team comprised of Lih Chang, Miurika Valery, and Shawn Janik, Flustr is a startup that’s created a mobile platform for users to compete in a live, short-form video game where spectators control the outcome.

Dispel Dice

Recognized for designing bespoke gaming equipment, Dispel Dice is a gaming startup co-founded by Karen Wang, offering a range of handmade products specifically targeted to satisfy any gaming dice needs.

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Powerhouse Capital

Co-founded by Ian Doody and Salim Mitha, Powerhouse Capital is an LA-based venture fund specifically focusing on investment opportunities in the technology, media, entertainment & interactive gaming industries.

Player First Games

Established by Chris White and Tony Huynh, Player First Games is a game developing company that crafts games primarily from the player’s perspective, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.


Keeping its founders anonymous is Gamestar+, a revolutionary entity that brings an interactive streaming platform for games, offering an improved gaming experience for their users.


Founded by Amit Zilberstein and Yaniv Gal, Pinch merges banking with gaming, creating banking solutions that gamers love.

Gaming Community Network

Gaming Community Network is a groundbreaking startup that provides strategic solutions for gaming and esports, catering to the needs of the modern gaming community.

Gacha World: Games & Prizes

Established by Kazuyuki Nagashima, Gacha World: Games & Prizes is a fun and engaging platform that invites players to play gacha machines to win exciting prizes.

Zelos Gaming

Co-founded by Derek Chiang and Jeffrey Tong, Zelos Gaming is a cross-game rewards program that allows gamers to earn points by completing in-game tasks and redeem virtual prizes.

Indie Esports League

Founded by Rich Thomas, the Indie Esports League is world’s first multi-game, cross-platform eSports league exclusively for indie games and gamers of any ability.


Charles Borland and his partner ‘CTO of Virtual Production’ are the brilliant minds behind Voltaku; a unique, cross-platform content company focused on unifying the film, gaming, and digital media spheres.

Squab Gaming

Squab Gaming brings a new concept to the market offering a one click marketplace to hire a perfect gaming partner, connecting gamers all around the world.

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Indivisible Game

Created by founder Mike Zaimont, Indivisible Game is a hybrid platformer/RPG that once again strengthens the combination of traditional video gaming with modern innovation.

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