Top Influential Los Angeles Virtual Reality Startups Reshaping Tech World

With the rapidly evolving tech scene, Los Angeles has become a breeding ground for innovative virtual reality startups. Pioneering entrepreneurs are leveraging VR technology to transform traditional markets such as entertainment, health and wellness, events, architecture, and more. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting VR startups in LA that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Whether it’s enhancing online shopping experiences, redefining gaming, or facilitating new ways to relax and escape, these companies are making significant strides in VR tech. Operating across diverse industry sectors, these innovative startups demonstrate the transformative power of VR in reshaping consumer experiences and business models alike.

In this roundup, we delve into their unique propositions, range of services, and the visionary founders leading the charge. Indulge in a virtual exploration of tomorrow’s technology today, through the lens of Los Angeles’ most exciting VR startups.


Spacejoy blends technology with creativity to transform interior designing. Led by Arnab Saharoy and Vinay Indresh, this startup leverages virtual reality to enable customers in designing spaces with a delightful twist. They operate in various spheres including 3D Technology, E-Commerce, Furniture, Home Decor, and Interior Design, pushing the boundaries of traditional home decor experiences through VR.

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation

At the convergence of wellness and technology, Esqapes Immersive Relaxation operates under the leadership of founder Micah Jackson. This startup leverages VR to offer unique wellness solutions, merging franchises, recreation, retail, and more in their innovative VR-based wellness experiences.

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Chapeau Studios

Chapeau Studios stands at the intersection of UX design, animation, and VFX, offering virtual production and brand marketing services. While their founders’ identities remain undisclosed, their exceptional virtual reality services make them a reputable company in the VR space.

Genius Ventures Inc

Operating in virtual reality, augmented reality, and enterprise software, Genius Ventures Inc specializes in immersive technology. Under the dynamic leadership of founder Alfred Taren, this startup transcends software development norms in delivering cutting-edge AR and VR solutions.


Specializing in games, media, and entertainment, Voltaku, founded by Charles Borland and Ernest Gold, unifies the film, gaming, and digital media worlds. This cross-platform content company optimizes virtual reality as a tool for unity in creative development.

ForeVR Games

VR gaming platform, ForeVR Games, co-founded by Marcus Segal and Mike Pagano Doom, aims to make virtual reality accessible to everyone. Their offerings span gaming, video games, video streaming in the virtual reality industry. They are transforming the gaming industry through VR, making gaming more immersive and interactive.

XR Studios

Known for its cutting-edge VR and AR production, XR Studios offers a varied range of services in the media, entertainment, and virtual reality industry. Founded by a team of undisclosed individuals, they deliver pioneering virtual and augmented reality experiences.


CyberDyme, led by Cleveland Brown, masters commerce solutions for virtual reality, termed as VR commerce. Their VR solutions envelop various sectors such as consulting, e-commerce, fashion, hospitality, retail, travel, and much more, providing an immersive shopping experience for consumers.

Final Pixel

Offering consulting, content creation, and training services, Final Pixel is an authoritative name in the realm of virtual production. Their virtual reality operations reach out to a diverse range of sectors, including 3D technology, consulting, film production, and many more, despite the anonymity of its founders.

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Ripple FX Events

Developing unique online events, Ripple FX Events uses VR to connect diverse communities through shared virtual experiences. Although the identities of their founders remain undisclosed, their unique use of virtual reality in event management and planning makes them a stand-out player in the field.


Revolutionizing web development, Muse, co-founded by Alexander Shortt and Benjamin Ha, allows for the transformation of static websites into dynamic virtual worlds. This startup champions innovation in 3D technology, consumer goods, and virtual reality.

Gym Class

Taking virtual reality to the basketball court, Gym Class is a VR basketball app available on Meta Quest App Lab. Gym class redefines the sport by making it accessible through virtual reality, despite the anonymity of its founders.


MANNA, built by Gennadiy Zhuga and Oleg Dre, offers an interactive 3D streaming network with intuitive control of lifelike avatars. They leverage technologies like augmented reality and blockchain in various industries, such as animation, film production, gaming, and social media, to name a few.

Sunset Ventures

Backing uncommon founders is what Sunset Ventures does best. Antonio Key and Brandon Hoffman lead this pre-seed fund firm actively involved in various sectors, such as augmented reality, blockchain, fintech, and more, offering necessary funding in these sectors.


Voistir, under the leadership of Fabricio Quintela, Mark Willingham, and Paul Pavan, operates at the forefront of technology. This startup combines blockchain, social media and virtual reality to create an immersive metaverse for users around the globe.

Los Angeles continues to foster a hotbed of innovative virtual reality startups with their groundbreaking services. These startups are not just revolutionizing their own industries; they’re revolutionizing the world, creating immersive experiences only dreamed of a few years ago. As they continue to defy traditional norms, the world eagerly watches what new dimensions they will conquer next.

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