Top Influential Miami Payments Startups Reshaping Financial Ecosystem in 2023

With a vast and constantly evolving fintech landscape, Miami, Florida has become a hotspot for promising payments startups. These innovative companies are leveraging technology to disrupt traditional payment methods, streamline financial transactions and bridge gaps in the financial services sector. This article throws the spotlight on these promising startups, offering insights into their unique solutions, industry sectors and founders.

From crypto payments infrastructure to digital access to prepaid payment solutions for immigrants and peer-to-peer digital banking, the Miami fintech scene provides diverse solutions for a broad spectrum of industries. It’s a vibrant ecosystem that’s attracting some of the most talented professionals and thought leaders in payments and fintech.

Below, we have profiled some of Miami’s most impressive payments startups. We’ll give you an overview of who they are, what they do, and who founded them. Read on to learn about these up-and-coming businesses, their respective innovations, and their contributions to the fintech revolution.


MoonPay is a fintech firm that designs and provides payments infrastructure for cryptocurrency. At the intersection of cryptocurrency, financial services, and fintech, it’s a market leader in creating robust mobile payments systems for the crypto landscape.


OKY is a startup that offers digital access to prepaid payment solutions to immigrants in the United States. The company’s solutions also boast consumer engagement technologies for merchants. It cuts across various industries including e-commerce, emerging markets, financial services, fintech, mobile payments, and payments. The founders are Alejandro Miron, Estuardo Figueroa, and Santiago Rossi.

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RiceApp connects diners with a convenient way to book, order, split the check, and pay at restaurants without the need for a waitress. The application provides solutions to the internet, mobile payments, and restaurants industries. RiceApp was founded by Carlos Emilio Gonzalez, Flavio Icaza, and Maria Jose Velazquez.

Allvue Systems

Allvue Systems is a tech provider specializing in private capital and credit market investment managers. Founded by Kevin MacDonald, this Miami-based startup operates in various industries, including CRM, telecommunications, and software.


SACBÉ offers a mobile application that provides P2P payments, VISA card, transaction management, and digital banking services. It aims to revolutionize banking, financial services, mobile apps, and payments industries.

Global Primex

Global Primex is a stellar fintech and digital alternative payments provider offering innovative payment solutions to its merchant network and consumers. Founded by Marek Sala, Global Primex operates in customer service, financial services, fintech, and payments sector.

Spartan Hill

Spartan Hill offers crypto payments and wallet services. It was founded by Omar Hernandez Doux-Ruisseau and primarily operates in the blockchain, financial services, information technology, and payments industry.

CLYPR Technologies

CLYPR is creating waves in the beauty, fintech, and software industry. Founded by Carlos Banks, CLYPR connects barbers to their clients through a Booking and Payment mobile application.


Calculum, founded by Oliver Belin, offers a unique data-as-a-service solution that utilizes analytics and an AI system to optimize financial supply chains.


Pigeon is a peer-to-peer lending platform that facilitates loans between family, friends, and loved ones. Founded by Anna Matilde Tanga and Brian Bristol, it operates in the finance, financial services, fintech, and payments sectors.

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CashQ is an Embedded Remittance platform for fintech and non-fintech fields founded by Alex Voronovich and Arina Anapolskaya.


Spoten provides SaaS, Web & Mobile App, Payment, Marketplace, CRM, Loyalty services. This startup was founded by Danilo Sene, Ivan Sene do Carmo, and João Rodrigues Alves.

Ternary Developments

Ternary Developments, founded by Jason Lee, offers a cloud-based subscription management platform integrating websites, Stripe, and Discord into a seamless experience.


Payabli is a Payment Infrastructure and Monetization Platform operating in fintech and software industry. Founders are Joseph Phillips and William Corbera.


NFTPay is a fintech firm that develops software to enable credit card transactions on websites and applications to buy NFTs. Founded by Mike Krilivsky, NFTPay operates in the financial services, fintech, payments, and trading platform sectors.

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