Top Influential Miami Retail Startups Rewriting Florida’s eCommerce Landscape

The dynamic city of Miami, Florida, is known for its vibrant startup scene, especially in the retail space. Many innovative and interesting retail startups are setting new trends, offering unique products and services, and transforming the way business is conducted. This article showcases a selection of the most interesting retail startups based in Miami. It provides an insight into their unique business models, products, services, and the founders who are driving their growth.

These promising startups are carving out niches in industries ranging from fashion to technology, creating relevant and attractive propositions for consumers. Each startup brings something new and remarkable to the retail landscape, displaying creativity, innovation, and exceptional potential for growth. By chasing their unique visions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, these startups are pioneering fresh approaches to retail, e-commerce, and more.

From AI-driven platforms to sports collectibles, stylish athleisure to fine wine, each startup is unique and worthy of recognition in its own right. Below, you’ll find an exciting array of trailblazing startups that are making their mark in the retail space, contributing to the ever-evolving retail landscape and demonstrating just how vibrant and diverse Miami’s startup scene is.


Fuego is a dance-inspired athleisure brand with a unique line of patented dance sneakers worn by dancers in over 100 countries worldwide. Fueled by a powerful combination of passion for dance and sophisticated design, Fuego is founded by Kevin Weschler.

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RTS Tactical

Specializing in body armor, plate carriers, and helmets, RTS Tactical is a thriving startup in the e-commerce retail space that caters to a niche but significant market segment.


Another promising Miami-based startup is Machika, which deals in paella pans and cutlery. Its wide-ranging products are adding a touch of style and efficiency to kitchens worldwide.


PullWax is a sports card collectible company creating a buzz in the market. Founded by Michael Vinokur, PullWax offers enthusiasts a great platform to explore and buy unique sports collectibles.

Devon Windsor

Devon Windsor serves as a one-stop-shop for fashion enthusiasts, retailing tops, bottoms, swim sets, leggings, and much more for men, women, and kids.


ProductShare is a unique retail e-commerce marketplace, secured by blockchain. Anton Polski and Jose Herrera’s vision fuels its progress.


Oqullo’s AI platform, constructed by founders Javier Ribera and Zohar Kapach, uses proprietary computer vision technology to detect trends on your property, offering a unique intersection of retail and technology.

Mr.D Wine Merchant

As an online fine wine retailer, Mr.D Wine Merchant is taking the wine and spirits retail industry by storm, showcasing a wide range of fine wines to enthusiasts worldwide.


Bussco, founded by Amy Khafash, aptly describes itself as the future of shopping. It offers a range of services across advertising, consulting, e-commerce, internet, logistics, and retail.


Bestlook, founded by Adriana Aristizabal and Juan Pablo Romero, provides unique widget integration for B2B, securing a strong presence in the retail sector.


Datavations, established by Philip Odelfelt and Tony Panayides, is a commerce enablement software in the manufacturing and retail ecosystem.

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WAO!, set by German Montoya, is a unique platform that offers SaaS, a mobile app, and social commerce, earning a name in the e-commerce and retail industry.

Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes is an online shop that retails vapes, cartridges, tinctures, edibles, gummies, hemp flowers, prerolls, dabs, and extracts, making its own place in the cannabis-based products market.


ThryveAI builds cloud-based retail software and architecture AI that offers digital storefronts and optimized fulfillment for profitability, shaping the future of retail technology.


Servous is an increasingly popular service provider of food packaging products for supermarkets and retailers. Its innovative products are designed to meet the high demands of the food sector.

In conclusion, Miami’s startup scene is host to a diversified and innovative group of retail startups. These ambitious, dynamic companies reflect the city’s vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit, and we can expect notable breakthroughs and growth from them in the coming years.

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