Exploring Miami’s Most Influential SaaS Startups Shaping American Tech Landscape

Located far away from the conventional tech hubs like Silicon Valley and New York, Miami, Florida is recognized as a rising hotspot in the startup ecosystem. The city’s vibrant nightlife and hospitable culture are complemented by a booming tech scene, quickly becoming a desirable destination for entrepreneurs to begin their journeys. In particular, the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector in Miami has seen tremendous growth, with companies providing innovative services across various industries.

Miami’s diverse workforce and tropical charm are luring many tech companies to establish their operations and hub. The availability of early-stage venture capital, direct flights to tech hubs, close proximity to Latin America, a favorable tax environment, and city-led innovation initiatives have all contributed to the city’s growing reputation. Herein, we bring attention to some unique and innovative SaaS startups from the Miami area, which are ushering in a digital revolution across various sectors.

The startups that we will explore range from those providing solutions for specific industries, such as beverage and agriculture, to those catering to general business needs like banking, marketing, and cybersecurity. So, let’s take a look at these Miami-based SaaS companies making waves in the larger startup ecosystem.


Overproof, a Lymion Group Inc. product, applies AI to the Beverage Alcohol industry. Co-founded by Marc de Kuyper, the platform offers various SaaS solutions to assist suppliers, distributors, and retailers in the Wine And Spirits industry.

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BucksApp, founded by Percy Grundy and Sebastian Romero, is a FinTech startup aimed at transforming the banking experience for customers. BucksApp offers SaaS-based solutions to simplify banking functionalities and enhance user engagement.


Audience.co, co-founded by Jesse Stein, is an innovative personalized marketing platform. The platform leverages its SaaS offerings to help businesses connect with potential clients, nurture these leads, and effectively close more deals.

Mango Soft Inc

Specializing in Enterprise Software, Mango Soft Inc is a development company that offers SaaS solutions powered by a proprietary unique, organic framework. Founded by Jairo Gonzalez, Marta Visbal, and Paul Kühne, the startup serves sectors like Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, and IT.


UTMStack, a brainchild of Rick Valdes, operates as an All-In-One Unified Threat Management Platform. This SaaS startup aims to simplify Cybersecurity and reduce its cost, thereby contributing massively to IT security.

Market Makers Method

The Market Makers Method is an interesting SaaS startup in the finance and AI space. Founded by Nick Nechanicky, the platform offers AI-based SaaS products, aiding various finance-related activities. More information can be obtained from their website.


Cargologik’s SaaS collaboration platform promises to redefine the logistics sphere. Co-founded by Gabriel de Godoy, Luis F. Trujillo, and Miles J. Varghese, it provides predictive analytics and end-to-end visibility, seamlessly connecting all stakeholders in the supply chain.


Co-founded by Adam Grohs, agnoStack presents the post-purchase experience platform. This customer service-focused SaaS startup attempts to redefine the e-commerce journey once the transaction is complete.


Wisecut is a creative SaaS startup leveraging generative AI and speech recognition to edit videos automatically. Founded by Ivo Machado and Vicente Machado, it is simplifying the video creation process for consumers and content creators alike.

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Paylode, started by Mikhail Naumov, simplifies the process of launching and managing partnership cross-sell programs. The startup’s SaaS products are transforming the fintech and software sectors by enabling easier collaboration and revenue inflow.


SMARTii aims to securely automate the information exchange process between users and necessary businesses. Catering to a wide spectrum of industries like Medical, Air Transportation, and Fitness, the SaaS startup presents a smart solution for businesses to enhance their IT efficiencies.

Motiv Solutions

Motiv Solutions is redefining content logistics using SaaS. The startup provides content logistic services and support solutions to improve integration across diverse verticals like cloud management and logistics.


Bilr is a legal tech startup that offers AI/ML-enabled legal billing software. This innovative SaaS product helps law firms improve their timekeeping and e-billing processes, enabling them to operate more effectively.


BloomsPal is a unique SaaS startup operating in the AgTech space. Founded by Danilo Miranda and Sonia De La Espriella, it offers a B2B trading software for farms and buyers to manage direct negotiations, supply chain, and payment processes in just one place.

Prescient AI

Founded by Cody Greco and Michael True, Prescient AI is a predictive automation platform well-known in the DTC industry. This SaaS platform boasts a variety of marketing and e-commerce functionalities, based on forecasted CAC, ROAS, and other profitability-based KPIs.

The aforementioned startups demonstrate how Miami’s tech industry is rapidly innovating. With diverse SaaS solutions, these startups are making Miami a force to be reckoned with in the global startup landscape.

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