Top Influential Miami Social Startups Shaping Florida’s Future in 2023

In the bustling harbor city of Miami, there is a surge of innovation and technology. Known for its beautiful beaches and nightlife, Miami is also home to an increasingly vibrant entrepreneurial community. Social startups from various industries, ranging from digital marketing to e-commerce, are making their unique contribution to this business ecosystem. Here’s a list of interesting social startups thriving in Miami, Florida.

These startups all share a common thread in using digital platforms to connect, engage, and drive business. Whether it’s through digital advertising, E-commerce, content marketing, or social media, these companies are offering innovative and creative solutions to businesses and consumers alike.

Let’s dive into exploring these unique ventures making a splash in Miami’s startup scene. With an ever-evolving digital landscape, each of these startups is paving the way for a more connected and digitally savvy community in Miami, Florida, and beyond.


Website: PolicyBind
PolicyBind is carving out a niche in the digital marketing space by providing consumer acquisition services specifically for the insurance industry. The startup focuses on lead generation and social media marketing, leveraging digital platforms to drive growth for insurance companies.

Media Trends Group

Website: Media Trends Group
Offering a wide array of services, Media Trends Group is an advertising agency that provides marketing, e-commerce, web development, ERP, CRM, social media marketing, training, and consulting. By offering a well-rounded suite of services, they cater to various B2B marketing needs of their customers.

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Website: unithrifts
Led by Patricia Garcia, unithrifts is a startup that stands out with its unique gamified peer-to-peer platform. It offers a space for students and alumni to buy and sell their college gear while also encouraging networking amongst users. This startup is addressing two major student needs – finance and networking, through a platform that adds a layer of fun with its gamified elements.

Wild Pixel Media

Website: Wild Pixel Media
Specializing in advertising, graphic design, marketing, social media, web design, and web development, Wild Pixel Media is a one-stop-shop catering for businesses’ digital needs.


Website: MediaMagic
MediaMagic, founded by Linda Lycett and Thomas Knapp, is a digital transformation and marketing company. The startup’s main focus is scaling client revenues through social media advertising, SEO, and content marketing.


Website: Witdato
Witdato provides business intelligence solutions by offering consulting services, social media listening, and data extraction services. This startup is leveraging the digital wave to shape data-driven decision-making for businesses.

Lineout Media

Website: Lineout Media
Lineout Media is a digital marketing agency offering advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing services. The agency’s digital focus aids businesses in achieving a competitive edge online.

Dope Trifecta Media

Website: Dope Trifecta Media
Dope Trifecta Media, a digital media agency, offers a range of services that include advertising, content creation, graphic design, social media management, and web design. Its emphasis on creativity makes it stand out in the bustling digital industry.

Business Consulting and Office Services

Website: Business Consulting and Office Services
As a strategic marketing agency, Business Consulting and Office Services focuses on digital marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing to help businesses position themselves in the digital world.

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Moves Media Ventures

Website: Moves Media Ventures
Moves Media Ventures offers a social media tool that enhances athlete’s reach and engagement, and it also prints lifestyle publications. This venture is revolutionizing how athletes interact with their fans via social media.

Astra Media

Website: Astra Media
Led by Alex McCurry, Astra Media gives businesses a significant digital facelift with their Digital Media & Marketing services. They offer a broad spectrum of services ranging from content marketing to social media advertising.


Website: ADZIV
ADZIV, a brainchild of Usman Khalil, is a full-service digital marketing agency. It provides a wide array of services encompassing advertising, e-commerce, web design, and development.


Website: HPEC
Founded by Leah Houston, HPEC offers physician autonomy through a unique approach of decentralized identity. Balancing areas of big data, cybersecurity, healthcare, and social media, HPEC is bringing an innovative perspective to the medical field.


Website: WAO!
WAO! spearheaded by German Montoya, provides a platform, SaaS, Mobile App, and social commerce services for the retail and e-commerce industry.


Website: Metabook
Finally, Metabook, co-founded by Edward Musinski, Henry Val, and Paul Bronstein, is pioneering in the Health Metaverse space. They’re bridging NFT, social media technologies, and creating a global affiliate system for Web3.

These startups show that Miami’s entrepreneurial scene is thriving, showing the potential to create significant traction in the corporate world. Their groundbreaking work speaks volumes to their vision and their capacity to turn these visions into reality. Indeed, the future of social startups in Miami looks quite promising!

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