Top Influential Miami Training Startups Shaping Future of US Business

As technology continues to evolve, startups are seeking innovative ways to provide training services to meet the changing needs of businesses and individuals. This dynamic arena is constantly evolving, with new solutions popping up to address challenges related to training and development. Miami, Florida is one such hub that is home to some unique and innovative training startups shaping the future of this field. In this article, we explore some of these Miami-based startups that are making waves in the training landscape.

Notably, these startups are not only dedicated to equipping businesses and individuals with the necessary training but also are contributing to industries such as health care, marketing, e-commerce, information technology, food and beverage, non-profit, finance, augmented reality, among others. Given their difference in focus, each startup brings unique solutions which are personalized and scalable to meet individual needs.

Let’s take a closer look at these Miami-based training startups, understanding their unique offerings, industries they cater to, and the minds behind these remarkable solutions.

Opcion Yo

Opcion Yo is a startup specializing in evidence-based emotional health and wellness services accessible via a range of online therapeutic resources. Their services fall under the umbrella of corporate training, healthcare, lifestyle, and wellness. The startup was founded by Daniela Sichel and Mariana Morales Girala.

Media Trends Group

As an advertising agency, the Media Trends Group offers a plethora of services including marketing, e-commerce, web development, ERP, CRM, social media marketing, consulting, and training. This startup has chosen not to disclose its founders.

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EVOX Global

EVOX Global is an IT solutions platform that provides requirements, scalability, safety, governance, mentoring, and integration services. The startup operates in the sectors of business development, corporate training, and information technology. The founders have chosen to remain anonymous.

Our Grounds

Our Grounds, founded by Vanessa Vila Huertas, is a coffee shop that provides vocational training, education, and employment opportunities to adults with disabilities. The industries it caters to include coffee, education, food and beverage, non-profit, and training.

The Sales Gym

The Sales Gym provides sales training services that offer businesses and individuals the opportunity to hone their sales skills. The startup was founded by Rafael Félix Torrese and operates in the professional services and training industries.


Mytaverse is a cloud-based platform providing 3D multiplayer virtual and augmented meetings and workspaces, founded by Jaime Lopez Villegas, Juliana Perez, and Kenneth Landau. They operate in the augmented reality, information technology, training, and virtual workforce industries.

Newtopia VC

Newtopia VC is a venture capital firm targeting early-stage startups, and it was founded by Juan Pablo Lafosse, Mariano Mayer, and Sacha Spitz. This startup straddles the financial services, training, and venture capital industries.


Providing career development coaching and interview preparation training services for individuals in financial institutions, OfficeHours was founded by Asif Rahman and Rohit Malrani. They operate in the consulting, corporate training, finance, and recruiting industries.

Bonum Coaching

Bonum Coaching offers personalized coaching connecting users with certified coaches. They’ve marked their presence in the industries of corporate training and training. The founders have chosen to remain anonymous.

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Menthor Q

Menthor Q is an Italian financial Edutech platform, founded by Fabio Rogeri, offering financial training and data analytics services to retail investors. They operate in the EdTech, education, and training industries.

Capital Ship Solutions

Capital Ship Solutions offers engineering and management consulting for stakeholders in the shipping and offshore sectors. The startup operates in the sectors of architecture, management consulting, marine technology, and training, while the founders have chosen to remain anonymous.


A fitness center providing boxing training for athletes, Boxr has managed to make a mark in the fitness, sports, and training industries. The founders have chosen to remain anonymous.

Beorus Corporation

Beorus Corporation, a legally constituted company, specializes in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It operates in the blockchain, corporate training, and cryptocurrency industries. The founders have chosen to remain anonymous.

AV Educate

AV Educate is a training organization providing technical coaching programs to enhance the skills of technicians. It has marked its prominence in the education and training industries. The founders have chosen to remain anonymous.


Conexig offers management and consulting services for the public and private sectors. The startup operates in the sectors of consulting, project management, and training, while the founders have chosen to remain anonymous.

To sum up, these are some of the most inventive training startups in Miami, each with a unique approach towards offering training solutions for a wide range of clients. Despite the diversity in their offerings, these startups are unified under their dedication to facilitating growth and skill development, making them stand out in the ever-evolving world of training startups.

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