Top Influential Music Startups Revolutionizing Los Angeles Scene Today

The music industry has long held a fascination for entrepreneurs, with Los Angeles, California being a hub for businesses in this diverse and dynamic sector. The city is home to an array of innovative music startups, disrupting the traditional realms and leveraging technology to revolutionize how we experience and enjoy music. In this article, we explore some of these exciting companies, their exceptional offerings, and the visionaries leading them.

Ranging from content creation, talent management, production, ticketing, event planning, and more, these game-changing startups are redefining the music business model and contributing to the vibrant LA music scene. They are reflecting the evolving demands and habits of the modish audience, catalyzing shifts in the landscape of the industry. Let’s delve into their unique stories and the innovative solutions they’re offering to the world of music.

Each startup sparks innovative thinking, ambition, and disruption, enhancing the music ecosystem and signaling the start of a new era in LA’s music and entertainment industry. Get ready to dive into the world of these amazing Los Angeles-based startups, which are making noteworthy strides in their respective fields and creating waves in the music scene.


Tend is a flourishing marketplace that specializes in hospitality staffing for numerous sectors including catering, events, hospitality, and music venues. Founded by Charles Soll, Davis Waddell, and Grant Delgado, the company is rapidly establishing a foothold in these spaces. Their innovative approach has made them pioneers in delivering stellar experiences at concerts, weddings, and more exciting venues.

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An audio production studio, Qcode, co-founded by Rob Herting, is making waves in the digital entertainment field. The company bridges technology and music, creating unique listenable experiences for audiences worldwide.

Crossroads Live

Crossroads Live, a media and entertainment company with expertise in producing musical theatre, pantomime, and immersive experiences, brings a theatrical twist to the music space. Their engaging creations offer a distinct contribution to the industry.

Powerhouse Capital

Founded by Ian Doody and Salim Mitha, Powerhouse Capital is a venture fund dedicated to investing in industries like technology, media, entertainment, and interactive gaming, fueling disruptive ideas and lending support to the evolution of the music ecosystem.


RockNTix is an app-based platform for no-fee event ticketing. Cofounded by Mo Abersheid, it aims to transform how events in media, entertainment, and music industry are accessed, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Latido Music

Dedicated to the Latin Music industry, Latido Music leverages media to boost performers and showcase what they have to offer, invigorating the Latin music scene.

Deluxe Music Group

Founded by Dave Dorn, Deluxe Music Group is a boutique music licensing agency offering premium audio content for use in film, television, games, promos, and advertising, ensuring a high-quality sound experience.

Cloud Jam Studios

Cloud Jam Studios, co-founded by Andy Borses, delivers premier rehearsal spaces for musicians. The studios are equipped with the latest technology to allow artists to create their best work.

MSR Entertainment

Specializing in video production, MSR Entertainment is an innovative company that blends visual narrative with musical performance, offering engaging music videos for artists and fans alike.

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Rezistor Studios

Rezistor Studios, founded by Marc Furmie, expertly bridges branding, marketing, and music with high-quality music video production and creative content development for optimal brand representation.

The Studio Rev

The Studio Rev is an entertainment company specializing in music for film campaigns, infusing filmic narratives with striking soundtracks. The company blends film and music to create thrilling content.

Enforce Records

Founded by Daniel Lin, Enforce Records is a music label that focuses on launching electronic, dance, hip-hop, pop, and indie artists. They provide a platform for young and exciting talents to reach wider audiences.


Co-founded by Miles Hagan, StereoVision is a music media firm that emphasizes giving a voice back to the artist through creating compelling music media content. Their services extend to e-commerce, bringing music products to the accessible online ecosystem.


YW3 offers a unique blend of marketing and revenue acceleration for media and entertainment brands. They specialize in advertising strategies that give music brands a boost in visibility and reach.


GiGStartr, co-founded by Dean Shalit, Tracy Hall, and Tracy Hill, is a market place that connects bands, fans, and music venues. They are revolutionizing the way bands book gigs and how fans discover new music, leading to no empty seats at small music venues.

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