Top Influential New York Service Industry Startups Shaping 2023 Trends

Welcome to yet another exciting edition of, where we showcase some of the most innovative and promising startups in the United States. As always, we are most thrilled to highlight businesses that are reshaping their industries and setting a new standard for customer service excellence. We will take a virtual journey to New York, New York, one of the premier entrepreneurial hotspots in the world and home to a myriad of startups from diverse sectors. Let’s delve deeper into these creative service industry startups that are transforming the landscape.

The service industry business model is all about providing a particular service or package of services to individuals, other companies, or the government. Some of these may include professional and business services, education, healthcare, hospitality, and more. Through a combination of innovation, dedication, and disruptive ideas, the startups featured here are making significant strides in various sections of the service industry.

From digital marketplaces to customer relationship management software, cleaning services, financial services, and even theatrical event management, the scope of these startups is incredibly broad. Each is bringing its unique approach to solving specific problems or filling a particular niche in the service industry sector. Read on to discover these intriguing New York-based startups.


Adelaide is a digital marketplace co-founded by Diane deCordova and Marc Guldimann. This innovative startup operates in the Digital Marketing, Marketing, Marketplace, and Service Industry. Their unique approach towards digital marketing adds a new dimension in the service industry field.

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S’More Date

Enter the world of online dating with a twist – S’More Date. Created by Adam Cohen-Aslatei, this startup is revolutionizing how dating applications work, bringing a fresh element in the intersection of apps, internet, and service industry.


MeetFox offers a SaaS solution for professionals and companies to automate client meetings. Co-founded by Jozef Kutka, Susanne Klepsch, and Tali Mandelzweig, the startup offers one-click scheduling and integrated video calls and is making waves in the service industry.

Cinctive Capital Management

Cinctive Capital Management is an investment management company that specializes in equity strategies. Spearheaded by Lawrence Sapanski and Richard Schimel, it aims to redefine the financial services, real estate investment, risk management, and service industry.

Kinsley Partners

At the helm of providing financial services is Kinsley Partners. Led by Frazer Kinsley and Jake Kinsley, it endeavors to offer innovative solutions in the Finance, Financial Services, and Service Industry.

Business Acumen Institute

Business Acumen Institute provides business skills training services. Established by Steven Haines, the platform is set to transform Corporate Training, Professional Services, and the Service Industry as a whole.

Driving Change

Driving Change, founded by Paul Rossi, focuses on the structural issues that get in the way of people doing public service by offering information services and professional services.


Imeetify is a dynamic scheduler allowing individuals and businesses to manage tasks with ease. Bala Iyer founded this enterprise software, recruiting, service industry, and software oriented startup.

As a hassle-free mobility equipment rental service, is creating innovative ways to serve its customers in the service industry.

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Done.Life Beyond Cleaning

Done. Life Beyond Cleaning operates a marketplace of cleaning professionals that prioritizes high-quality services for the end-users in the service industry.


With a focus on financial services, OrbisPay is empowering employees to access their wages when they need them most. Mo Saeed helps steer this startup.


For pet owners, Lovepawz offers a variety of products, services, and advice in an online setting, adding a new development in the e-commerce, pet, and service industry.

ShowTown Theatricals

ShowTown Theatricals, established by Nathan Gehan, is a general management firm taking strides in media, entertainment, theatre, and the service industry.

Los Deliveristas Unidos

Los Deliveristas Unidos is a collective of app delivery workers fighting for safety and justice, instigating a significant social impact in the service industry.

Virtual Tables

Last but not least, Virtual Tables is an event services company offering complete bespoke customization and scalability, making significant strides in the event management, events, and service industry.

New York continues to pop up on the radar due to the groundbreaking startups it nurtures. The diversity and innovation that these companies exhibit are unmatched, and we will keep an eye on them as they continue to expand and thrive. Keep reading for more upwards and onwards in the world of U.S. startups story.

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