Exploring Influential New York Shopping Startups Shaping Retail Future

New York City, hailed as one of the startup capitals of the world, has something of a thriving shopping startup ecosystem. Pioneering entrepreneurs are transforming the traditional retail and e-commerce environment with innovative ideas and technologies, pushing the boundaries and reshaping the landscape of this age-old domain. From rebooting the user experience, delivering flexible sizing options, creating gifting platforms to offering unique lifestyle goods, these startups are demonstrating creativity and ingenuity and are redefining the concept of shopping.

Boasting diverse business models, these startups are leveraging advances in digital technology, fashion, accessories, and e-commerce. From platforms that allows users to try before they buy to an online jewelry store aimed at younger consumers, these enterprises hint at the future of shopping. Let us explore these interesting shopping startups based out of New York, United States.

Let’s take a dive into the profiles of these promising startups.

Hey Rowan

Hey Rowan, founded by Louisa Schneider is best described as a magical adventure full of milestones. They specialize in retail and shopping, turning everyday shopping into an enchanting experience.

Super Smalls

Super Smalls changes the game by providing an online jewelry store selling fancy jewelry, accessories and gifting products for kids inspired from grownups’ jewelry, combining e-commerce, fashion, jewelry, and shopping into one complete package.


LoveSuze is revolutionizing the fashion industry with their unique Flex-Sizing® concept for everyday bras and underwear. Founded by Suzanne Macbale, it integrates e-commerce, fashion, mobile, and shopping in its innovative business model.

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Bringt is an online platform that provides e-commerce and online shopping services to its users, changing the way we shop. It streamlines and unifies the traditional shopping service.


HipSilver, a creative endeavor by Gail Bruce, is an e-commerce platform that uniquely caters to lifestyle and shopping segments, connecting people through podcasts, news, gardening, travel, yoga, grooming, food, and fashion staples.

Maestrale Napoli

With Maestrale Napoli, you can get your hands on quality, handcrafted leather gloves. Their fresh approach combines e-commerce, fashion, and shopping, delivering top-notch handcrafted gloves.


Introducing a unique one-stop-shop for all things fashion and culture, SehWah allows customers to explore different Caribbean cultures, fusing the genres of e-commerce, retail and shopping.


UPJAUNT was founded by Mohan Ramanujam and Sanjay Raghavan to create a platform where travelers, professionals and businesses discover and connect around mutual interests and stories, with services including artificial intelligence, location based services, mobile apps, photo sharing, social network, social shopping and travel.


Love secondhand goods? Lovd.com, founded by Dick Fickling and Noah Elion, invites you to buy and sell previously loved goods on their platform, revolutionizing the advertising platforms, e-commerce, Internet, Marketplace, sharing economy, social, social shopping industries.


Founded by Kelechi Uju, UjuuMedia is a dynamic brand creation and acquisition platform serving diverse women all around the globe with consumer goods, e-commerce, fashion, retail, shopping.


Perk up the luxury shopping experience with MEMO. Offering the unique chance to try-before-you-buy, this platform, founded by Debora LaBudde, redefines e-commerce, jewelry, retail technology, and shopping processes.

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A unique venture by Malka Goldfein, Brie is a resale marketplace that brings together consumer goods, e-commerce platforms, fashion, marketplace, retail, retail technology, shopping, sustainability as it empowers giving.


Revolutionize your home with chic bedding, curtains and towels from Homejor. This platform refines consumer goods, online portals, retail and shopping conveniences.


IN-SEAM pushes the boundaries of e-commerce with their bespoke offerings on e-commerce platforms and mobile apps, reshaping the marketplace and social shopping experience.

Blood of the young

Blood of the young is a unique endeavor that empowers consumers with informed decisions about technology products and places to buy, bringing together e-commerce, retail and shopping experiences.

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