Top Influential Santa Monica Mobile Startups Shaping US Tech 2023

The Santa Monica startup scene in the United States is buzzing with a diverse range of emerging mobile startups that are making waves in different industries. From innovative platforms enhancing customer service to technologically advanced ecosystems transforming how we consume food and beverages, these startups are redefining the mobile paradigm.

These startups are not just offering subscribers and users innovative solutions and services but demonstrating unique entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and creativeness in leveraging mobile technologies to improve life experiences. They are redefining convenience and accessibility, and enhancing quality of life.

Below, we delve into some of the mobile startups from Santa Monica that are making remarkable strides in their respective industries. By leveraging mobile technologies, these businesses are delivering cutting-edge solutions and experiences for their users. We encourage you to explore each of them and discover what makes them unique.


OhWaiter is an innovative platform designed to help provide outstanding customer service at a fraction of the cost. Founded by Jonathan Chu, the startup operates in the Apps, Information Technology, and Mobile Apps industry. By fostering exceptional customer service, OhWaiter is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers.


Co-founded by Kamran Qamar, Mooditude is a behavioral health intervention delivery platform that operates in the Health Care, Medical, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Personal Health industry. The platform is geared towards improving the quality of care through innovative mobile solutions.


Twella, founded by Jacob Sheldon, Raphael McDonnnell, and Torri Shack, offers a mindful approach to mental wellness. Twella operates in the Health Care, Mobile Apps, Wellness industry, presenting innovative solutions for mental wellness.

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Combining Advertising Platforms, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Location Based Services, Machine Learning, Mobile Advertising, Predictive Analytics, and Public Safety, Cphere presents Marketing Intelligence powered by CompliantC™. David Johnson and Tyler Rubin are the founders of this innovative startup.


The mobile startup, Unrolled, specializes in providing a living compendium of personal and public cannabis knowledge. This startup stands out in the Cannabis, Consumer Reviews, E-Commerce Platforms, Mobile Apps industry with its unique services.

Lot Club

Lot Club, a private community for select entertainment professionals, operates in the Communities, Mobile Apps, Private Social Networking industry. This startup was founded by Elliott Staffer and Kate Ferguson.

Muus Collective

Founded by Sarah Fuchs, Muus Collective is a fashion and digital studio catering to the creator, gamer, and meta-visionary. It operates in the Digital Media, Mobile Apps, Online Games industry.


CreatoRanch, founded by H. Michael Zadikian, is a mobile app for the Creator Economy. It operates in the Marketplace, Mobile Apps, Social Network industry, offering innovative solutions for creators.

Yuhmmy Brands

Duránd Fránçiscus Davis Jr., founded a unique set of startups under the brand name Yuhmmy. Each of the Yuhmmy brands has a distinct service offering, whether it’s Yuhmmy Wines, Yuhmmy Food, Yuhmmy Cannabis, Yuhmmy Coffee, Yuhmmy Cookies, Yuhmmy Ramen, or Yuhmmy Teas. Each Yuhmmy startup uses mobile technology to deliver a unique suite of products, services and platforms as a service.

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