Exploring Influential Santa Monica Healthcare Startups Reshaping Medical Field in 2023

California’s Santa Monica is home to numerous health care startups that have their sights set firmly on revolutionizing the way we approach our wellbeing. In particular, the health care industry has seen a significant rise in startups seeking to disrupt conventional health care techniques and systems. Among the numerous innovative companies based in and around the region, these startups have distinguished themselves as pioneers in customized, user-centric healthcare solutions.

From gene therapy to mental wellness platforms, these companies strive to create personalized solutions for people’s specific health needs. In addition to offering an unmatched patient experience, each has created a niche for itself by solving particular issues in the industry. The inventive methodologies and novel technologies of these startups offer a glimpse into the future of health care, with a focus on remote diagnostics, gene therapy, and mental wellness.

Each of the startups showcased here, born out of the creative minds of various founders, is characterized by its unique approach to addressing different health challenges. Their revolutionary ideas have the potential to reshape the future of healthcare in the United States and beyond. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.


Polygon is a health care startup that is blazing trails in the world of health diagnostics and psychology. Founded by Jack Rolo and Meryll Dindin, Polygon is a new kind of psychology practice that provides remote diagnostics for dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences. This transformative approach is designed to improve access and outcomes for a significant number of patients.

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Created by Kendall Bird and Sage Grazer, Frame is a mental wellness network that offers a multifaceted approach to therapy. Recognizing the importance of good mental health, Frame is determined to make therapy more accessible and effective.


Working at the crossroads of biotechnology, genetics, health care, and medical sector, ImmunoVec strives to find a cure for terminal genetic diseases of the immune system. This groundbreaking endeavor, led by Ryan Wong and William Woodward, employs gene therapy treatments to wrestle with such diseases.

human improvement

Human Improvement is a consumer-centric health care startup that produces and sells protein powder aimed at boosting gut health, energy & mood. Their products appeal particularly to individuals who are conscious of their wellbeing and looking for retail solutions that can improve their health.


Co-founded by Christopher Campbell, EndoBiomedics provides innovative alternatives to some of humanity’s worst addictions. Employing the combined power of therapeutics and wellness, the company is poised to redefine the way we tackle addictions in health care.

TMS & Brain Health

TMS & Brain Health offers a range of mental health care services. Using the wellness and medical approaches towards health care, they thrive to make mental health services more accessible and effective for everyone.


Working in the chemical, health care, manufacturing, and medical sectors, Bodewell offers skincare products designed for people with eczema and psoriasis. Their innovative approach is aimed at bringing relief to individuals suffering from these skin conditions.

Fireside Health Care Center

Fireside Health Care Center provides nursing care and rehabilitation services. Focusing on personal health, rehabilitation, and therapeutics, Fireside is dedicated to improving the quality of life for their patients.

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With Behavioral health intervention delivery platform, Mooditude strives to improve the quality of care. Co-founded by Kamran Qamar, Mooditude is driving change in the fields of health care, mobile health and personal health.


Surff leads in developing medical computer vision and AI technologies. This groundbreaking approach aims to revolutionize health diagnostics and medical treatment methods.


mvmtAi, co-founded by Abe Malkin and Moaz Hamid, is using machine learning, computer vision, robotics, IoT, and mobile application technology to advance the healthcare industry. This company promises to revolutionize health and wellness through technology.


Zuub, a company led by Liem Doan, Luka Sklizovic, and Robert Kim, provides Healthcare, SaaS, Dental, & Mobile solutions. By integrating these four significant sectors, Zuub is striving to overhaul the traditional health care system.


Twella, founded by Jacob Sheldon, Raphael McDonnnell, and Torri Shack, offers a mindful approach to mental wellness through its platform. Their services are designed to help people cultivate better mental health habits.


Enspire Bio and Shai Rambod, founders of MyChon, have created a science technology company that aims at improving health through technology breakthroughs in mitochondria, straddling the fields of big data, life science, and wellness.


Founded by Cameron Sepah, Maximus boosts natural testosterone with a safe and effective doctor-prescribed program. Their consumer-focused perspective and customized approach set them apart in the health care market.

In conclusion, these dynamic and innovative Santa Monica-based startups are reshaping the landscape of health care, with state-of-the-art technologies and creative solutions. Their groundbreaking work paints a picture of a more personalized, accessible, and effective health care future.

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