Spotlight on New York’s Influential Small Medium Business Startups in 2023

The entrepreneurial spirit of New York is focusing increasingly on small and medium businesses (SMBs). The emergence of SMB startups across a wide range of industries is shaping the city’s business landscape. These innovative startups are leveraging technology, creating novel customer experiences, disrupting traditional business models, and addressing a host of challenges in unique ways. This article showcases and explains the idea behind a select list of these SMB startups.

From CRM tools, fintech solutions, asset management, consulting services, e-learning platforms to AI-driven entertainment, these startups reflect the diversity of New York’s business ecosystem. Besides transforming their respective sectors, these SMBs are contributing to job creation, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth in the city.

The below detailed list will introduce you to these up and coming brands who are adding fresh and unique flavors to the traditional business methodologies. It encapsulates their descriptions, the industries they work in, their founders, and their respective websites.


MeetFox leverages SaaS technology to optimize client meetings. It allows professionals and businesses to schedule meetings with a click and facilitates integrated video calls. Its founders are Jozef Kutka, Susanne Klepsch, and Tali Mandelzweig.


FUTUREBANK provides a mobile and web channel for banks and fintech companies. Its founders are David Oliver Cohen.


ENVST offers asset management and financial services. The founders’ details are undisclosed.

EtA Club

EtA Club offers accredited investors the opportunity to co-invest in acquisitions. Its founder is Andrew Lee.

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Bluestone Investment Bank

Bluestone Investment Bank is a Central Asia-focused investment bank and brokerage firm. The founders’ details are undisclosed.

Torii Studio

Torii Studio is a creative technology consultancy that assists product development teams. Its founder is Cristobal Chao.


Imeetify offers a dynamic scheduler technology for task management. The startup’s founder is Bala Iyer.


Hourlyz is a platform that connects local cleaning companies and local cleaners with customers. Dinesh Kumar Das founded it.


Kambeo is a platform designed to inspire social change. The founders’ details are undisclosed.

Good Talk

Good Talk is an online portal where users can learn and practice Spanish. David Tackel and Spencer Rice founded it.

Endless AI

Endless AI is an entertainment firm focusing on the fusion of AI, blockchain, and interactivity. The founders’ details are undisclosed.

BIG Equity

BIG Equity is an institutional real estate private equity platform that invests in real estate properties. The founders’ details remain undisclosed.

Trebia Acquisition

Trebia Acquisition specializes in identifying, acquiring, and building a financial services, technology, and business services company. The founders’ details are undisclosed.

ERTC Express

ERTC Express is a business consultancy that focuses on tax consultation and employee retention tax credits. The founders’ details are undisclosed.


SOLO is a financial management platform founded by Georgina Merhom.

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