Top Los Angeles Transportation Startups Shaping Future Commutes in 2023

For those keeping track of the latest and greatest in the transportation startup scene, Los Angeles, California, proves to be an intriguing hotbed of innovation and change. From utilizing private jets, to engineering the future of commercial transport, and even tackling micro-mobility, the transportation startups in Los Angeles are redefining how we move. Situated in a city known for its traffic congestion, these startups are at the forefront of solving transport and logistics problems, while also carving out new possibilities in the industry. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of these trail-blazing startups.

Imperium Jets

Imperium Jets is a game-changer in the air transportation landscape. Founders Lidor Revah and Ron Bentata established this startup with the idea of turning unutilized flights into potential profits. Through its application, Imperium Jets provides By The Seat sales of private jets to the public, effectively turning the concept into the Airbnb of private jets. It is rapidly gaining traction in the sectors of Air Transportation, Business Travel, Mobile Apps, Tourism, and Travel.

Trousdale Ventures

Co-founded by Phillip Sarofim, Trousdale Ventures is making waves across various industries with its innovative perspective towards designing the future. The venture, while working across Consumer Goods, Hospitality, Information Technology, and Lifestyle, is particularly turning heads in the Transportation and Venture Capital sectors.

Urban Movement Labs

Urban Movement Labs is a collaboration enhancing the transportation infrastructure of local governments and communities. This startup is bolstering commercial and government transportation efforts by developing symbiotic relationships with local mobility innovators.

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MoceanLab is a sustainable solution for those seeking reliable transportation services. Their mobile application allows customers to access and participate in a car sharing service, providing an eco-friendly alternative to typical transportation methods.

JJ Cavari Transportation

JJ Cavari Transportation offers expert logistics solutions and delivery services. This startup is aiding businesses and individuals by streamlining their logistics and delivery operations.


Created by founders Bernard G. and Obdul Reid, Shypr is a web3 Logistics Aggregator that allows users to compare pricing for their logistics needs. It’s paving the way in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Last Mile Transportation, Logistics, Mobile Apps, Same Day Delivery, and Shipping sectors.


Exosonic, founded by Norris Tie and Tim MacDonald, is constructing supersonic UAVs in a push towards quiet supersonic passenger flight. This startup is shaking up the Aerospace and Air Transportation industries with its impressive technology.

Southern California Pet Transport

Southern California Pet Transport specializes in professional domestic and international pet shipping services, ensuring that pets travel safely and comfortably.

Talyn Air

Founded by Evan Mucasey and Jamie Gull, Talyn Air is housing an exciting revolution within the electric vehicle and electronics industry. They are creating an innovative, electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft system.


Roadr, established by Celso Ribeiro and Otiniel Ribeiro, is providing on-demand roadside assistance through their accessible mobile application. With a simple tap, users can now get access to hassle-free assistance.

Cpeedy Inc

Cpeedy Inc, founded by Aamir But, caters to a multitude of services involving transportation, e-commerce, and professional services. They’ve deftly woven themselves into various sectors, including Apps, Courier Service, E-Commerce, Food Delivery, Information Services, Information Technology, Ride Sharing, Software, and Transportation.

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Parallel Systems

Type=”text”Founded by Ben Stabler, Brian Ignaut, and John Howard, Parallel Systems is designing an autonomous, zero-emissions freight transportation system. This green and efficient solution is a monumental step towards a sustainable future within the Freight Service, GreenTech, and Transportation industries.


ChargerHelp!, established by Evette Ellis and Kameale C. Terry, provides a platform for users to request on-demand repairs and maintenance support for their chargers. This startup is reshaping the Clean Energy, CleanTech, Software, and Transportation sectors.


Founder Albert Manukyan’s ANIV is a cloud-based micro-mobility platform designed to help local entrepreneurs launch micro-mobility businesses.

Integrity Partners

The Modern Mobility Venture Investment Team of Integrity Partners is helping drive the future of Cyber Security, Last Mile Transportation, and Transportation sectors.

All these startups are making significant strides in overcoming logistic and transportation challenges while revolutionizing the industry for a sustainable, efficient, and innovate future. They are firmly putting Los Angeles on the map as a hub for transportation innovation.

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