Top Influential Los Angeles Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing 2023 Medicine Scene

The pursuit for major developments in the health industry has seen a rapid increase over the past few years. A considerable number of health startups, based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, have not only recognized but also responded to the growing demand for more efficient health services and products. From maternity health to telehealth services, animal healthcare and wellness platforms, these startups are reshaping the health sector, presenting new perspectives and innovative ideas that have the potential to revolutionize the way people take care of their health.

These startups, with their diverse and innovative solutions, show that when it comes to health care, there are always new boundaries to push and new ways of helping people improve their lives. Whether it’s through biotechnology, animal health, or app-based health solutions, there is something for everyone in the startup landscape of Los Angeles. Below, we explore some of these startups and their contributions to the industry.

It is not just about the innovative solutions in health services that these startups are providing, but also about how these startups show the vibrant and diverse nature of Los Angeles’ health sector. Let’s take a look at some of these exciting health startups based in Los Angeles.

Modern Animal

Founded by Ben Jacobs and Steven Eidelman, Modern Animal aims to revolutionize the veterinary experience for both animals and humans. This innovative veterinary platform is making significant strides within the Animal Feed, Health Care, Medical, and Veterinary industry.

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Lindsay Cook and Russell Cook are the driving force behind FitOn. This digital wellness platform is dedicated to driving health outcomes for its 12M+ members, offering services within the Fitness, Health Care, mHealth, Mobile Apps, Personal Health, and Wellness industry.

People Science

People Science is a tech-led R&D platform for alternative medicine. Founded by Noah Craft, this startup operates within the Cannabis, Health Care, and Personal Health industry.

Ruth Health

Ruth Health, founded by Alison Greenberg and Audrey Wu, is a telehealth clinic and care hub dedicated to providing care for pregnant women. The startup operates within the Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Care, Home Health Care, and Women’s industries.

Dyania Health

Dimitrios Iliopoulos and Eirini Schlosser founded Dyania Health to develop a natural language processing platform designed to accelerate clinical research processes. The startup operates within the Clinical Trials, Health Care, Natural Language Processing, Productivity Tools, and Software industries.

Uplifting Results Labs

Founded by Marc Washington, Uplifting Results Labs is a consumer health and food tech company that focuses on providing nutrition solutions to address chronic health conditions. The startup is making notable strides within the Dietary Supplements, Food and Beverage, and Health Care industries.

Wonder Sciences

Under the leadership of founder Ryan Magnussen, Wonder Sciences operates within the Health Care and Personal Health industry. It is a life sciences ecosystem pioneering the intersection of psychedelic medicine and science.


Through technology-enabled telehealth services, BabyLiveAdvice, founded by Sigi Marmorstein, supports maternal-infant care from preconception to early childhood, offering solutions within the Baby, Family, Health Care, SaaS, and Women’s industries.

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The Plug Drink

The Plug Drink, co-founded by Justin Kim and Ray Kim, is a plant-based functional drink designed to support the body’s metabolism; this innovatory product operates within the Food and Beverage, and Health Care industry.


Founded by Seth Tuckerman and Steve Winshel, FULLFILL is an evidence-based digital health company. The startup prevents obesity, anxiety, depression, establishing itself solidly within Health Care and Wellness fields and it is paid for by insurance.


Rene founders, Atilio Spaccarotella and Gustavo Lindenberg, provide companies with necessary tools to keep employees safe and healthy during their travels. This startup operates primarily within the Health Care, Information Technology, and Internet industries.


Established by Billy Gallagher, Kris Bjornerud, and Michael Kamins, RealSleep is pioneering customizable, cannabinoid sleep solutions to help people across the globe get better sleep. The startup is operating within the Health Care industry.

Petri Bio

Founded by Shu Li, Petri Bio is a biotechnology company that develops therapeutics from gut microbes. This startup works within the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Therapeutics industries.

Doorbell Health

Doorbell Health, founded by Benjamin Golombek, is your front door to home health, making significant strides within the Health Care industry.


WeCare, founded by Ifeanyi Ossai, is a US and European based medical technology startup operating in Africa. It offers services within the Biopharma, Clinical Trials, Health Care, Hospital, Information Technology, and Medical industries.

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