Top Miami-Based Education Startups Shaping The Future of Learning

With Miami being known as an entrepreneurial hotspot, it’s not surprising that the city is home to a wide array of innovative startups. Notably, the city’s edtech sector is bustling with activity, proving that Miami boasts a business climate that’s conducive to technology, educational innovation, and everything in between. Here, we highlight some of the most interesting education startups from Miami, Florida.

The educational technology sector, commonly known as edtech, has gained immense popularity with the increasing integration of technology in classrooms and training environments around the world. Furthermore, Miami’s education startups contribute not only to the local education ecosystem, but also offer solutions in related industries like blockchain, e-commerce, and non-profit endeavors. Let’s take a look at a few startups making a mark on Miami’s educational landscape.

These education-focused startups present a blend of traditional learning, cutting-edge technology, and innovative concepts to educate and motivate learners, proving how Miami’s entrepreneurial scene is revolutionizing the educational sector and offering exciting possibilities for the future of learning.

Blockchain Center

Founded by industry enthusiasts, Blockchain Center Miami is an education center, event venue, and co-working space aimed at promoting blockchain technology. The center provides courses and workshops to help beginners and experts comprehend and utilize blockchain technology effectively.


unithrifts, the brainchild of Patricia Garcia, is a gamified peer-to-peer platform where students and alumni can buy and sell collegiate gear and network with fellow users. Its unique concept intertwines e-commerce, fashion, and higher education while fostering a sense of community among college goers.

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Our Grounds

Our Grounds is the inspiring venture of Vanessa Vila Huertas that provides vocational training, education, and employment opportunities to adults with disabilities through a coffee shop model. The startup seamlessly bridges the gap between coffee, education, non-profit, and training sectors.

Diaspora & Development Foundation

The Diaspora & Development Foundation works on providing consultancy and advisory services for the nation’s further development through educational initiatives, making it an important player in the non-profit and project management industry.

Mentoring America

Mentoring America is primarily involved in reducing educational inequality. This non-profit venture aims at creating a balance in secondary education by providing supportive mentoring.


Founded by Leah Houston, HPEC offers physician autonomy through decentralized identity, incorporating aspects of big data, cybersecurity, education, healthcare, and mobile apps. By focusing on unique identity management, HPEC makes a substantial contribution to technological education.


Storypod, founded by Daniel Buelhoff, Dr. Wen-Liang Wu, and Gaston Blanchet, develops a smart screenless storytelling platform for children. This ingenious blend of education, media, and electronics is aimed at making learning more engaging for children.


EarlyDay, the brainchild of Emma Harris, James Watling, and Melissa Tran, is a career marketplace for early childhood educators. Richest in the EdTech, Education, and Recruiting sectors, this startup is dedicated to building robust learning environments for children.


Halaxia, founded by Mahesh Godavarti, Rajeswari Mahalingam, and Vivekanand Vellanki, provides recruiting services, particularly in the E-Learning, Education, and Software industries.


Co-founded by Maca Baigorria, Avocademy is making waves in UX/UI design education and recruitment sector. The startup offers comprehensive UX/UI design training and helps students acquire great jobs in the IT industry.

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Menthor Q

Menthor Q, an Italian financial Edutech platform co-founded by Fabio Rogeri, offers financial training and data analytics services to retail investors, adding a unique flavor to the EdTech industry in Miami.

Minds of Tomorrow

Founded by Alex Castellarnau and Miriam Cloquell, Minds of Tomorrow specializes in empowering kids with the acumen and confidence using technology and programs in the world of education.

AV Educate

AV Educate is a training organization that provides technical coaching programs to enhance the skills of technicians, enriching the education and training sector substantially.

Colliga Apps

Colliga Apps serves as a hub for building and sharing mobile mental health technologies. This inventive blend of education, information technology, and mobile apps makes mental health solutions more accessible for all.

OptionsSwing Inc

Founded by Jason Lee, OptionsSwing Inc is an investment education company that provides stock market education, coaching, and community support for traders. Its main domains are EdTech and Education, bringing financial education to the masses.

In conclusion, Miami’s education startups are making significant strides bridging gaps and removing barriers in education through innovative approaches. They highlight Miami’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and contribute towards shaping the city’s future as an edtech hub.

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