Top Miami Delivery Startups Revolutionizing Florida’s Logistic Scene in 2023

Located at the southeastern tip of the United States, Miami is a bustling city known for a vibrant nightlife, diverse culture, and sunny beaches. However, Miami’s bustling startup scene often slips under the radar. With a booming economy and a strategic location, it has become a hub for many industries including tech, finance, and particularly in recent years, delivery services. This article will showcase some fascinating delivery startups based in Miami, Florida that are redefining their sectors.

Whether it’s delivering tropical fruits, managing drone deliveries, or providing on-demand beauty supplies, these startups are leveraging modern technology to fill gaps in the market and improve customer experiences. From small, cargo-carrying drones to apps that consolidate deliveries from multiple platforms, the delivery industry in Miami has something to offer everyone. Let’s take a closer look at a few stand-out companies in this sector.

Many of these startups are taking innovative approaches using modern technologies to streamline their delivery services and provide more value to their customers. While some are focused on specific niches like flower or fruit delivery, others are applying their models to a variety of industries. Here’s a roundup of exceptional delivery startups in Miami.

Tropical Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box is an exotic fruit delivery service that grows and procures tropical fruits, delivering them directly to the customer. They fall under several industries including business development, delivery service, e-commerce, food and beverage, fruit, and sales.

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Founded by Chris Diacov and Richard Marlin, Yazz is a mobile app that operates in the delivery service, service industry, and software sectors. Their services include apps, delivery service, and software development.

Courier & Beyond

Courier & Beyond is a courier company that offers delivery services. They cover a variety of sectors including courier service, delivery service, packaging services, same-day delivery, and transportation.

Agrico Trading

Specializing in the animal feed industry, Agrico Trading is a commodities trading company that provides products to feed and maintain animal health. They offer food and beverage delivery and food processing services.

La Florela

La Florela is a flower delivery service company. They operate in the delivery, e-commerce, and flowers industries.

UDYAT Relocation & Storage System

UDYAT Relocation & Storage System offers moving services for both residential and commercial moves. The startup falls under the delivery service, logistics, transportation, and warehousing sectors.


Founded by Jon Register, VIRTURANT provides virtual restaurant brands that are easy to start-up, low-risk, and low-cost. This startup falls under the food and beverage, food delivery, and restaurants industries.


DriveKindness, founded by Rene Prats, is an online food delivery company that provides meal delivery services for restaurants and customers. This company operates within the e-commerce, food delivery, internet, and restaurants sectors.

Gallery ONE

Operating within the art, delivery, and shipping sectors, Gallery ONE helps exhibit, interpret, preserve, and develop the visual, artistic, and cultural heritage of people.

DOMI Canastas

DOMI Canastas offers supermarkets, pharmacies, pastries, and household appliances product delivery services. They work within the delivery, retail, and shopping sectors.

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Founded by Ian Grant II and Mike James, WaySlay is an on-demand delivery app for beauty supplies. The startup operates within the realms of beauty, delivery, mobile apps.

Aerialoop Corp

Under the guidance of Pedro Meneses, Aerialoop Corp functions as a drone delivery airline. Their services fall within the delivery service, drone management, drones, and logistics sectors.

Muver: Gig Driver workspace

In the competitive gig economy, Muver: Gig Driver workspace provides a consolidated platform for working with rideshare & delivery apps. Founded by Andrei Povalaev, Roman Barinov, and Stanislav Levykin, it functions within a diverse range of sectors such as apps, big data, delivery, delivery service, food delivery, mobile apps, professional services, ride sharing, sharing economy, transportation.


Founded by Gregory Rothman, Valet is dedicated to delivering exceptional food and drink, anywhere. They cover areas such as customer service, food delivery, internet, and logistics.


Established by K. L. and Kyle Levy, UniHop is an app-based delivery service aimed at serving hyperlocal communities. They operate in the customer application, customer service, delivery service, logistics, and shopping sectors.

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