Exploring Miami’s Most Influential Cryptocurrency Startups: US Venture Vision 2023

The city of Miami, Florida, often dubbed as the “Crypto Capital” of the United States, hosts a variety of unique and innovative cryptocurrency startups. From financial technology to marketing and asset management, these startups have leveraged the power of blockchain technology to solve a variety of real-world problems. We’ve compiled a rundown of some of the most interesting cryptocurrency startups in Miami right now.

MoonPay: Transforming Crypto Payment Infrastructure

Founded by Ivan Soto-Wright and Victor Faramond, MoonPay is a financial technology company that develops payment infrastructure for crypto. The company aims to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone with their versatile payment processing solution which can be integrated into any app.

Milo: Empowering Global Consumers with Crypto

Founded by Josip Rupena, Milo is a fintech firm that seeks to reimagine how crypto and global consumers access credit and financial solutions. They combine cutting-edge technology and sound financial practices to provide loans to a global audience.

GRAYLL: Asset Management for Crypto Investors

GRAYLL is a mobile app provider offering risk management and asset management services to crypto investors. Their aim is to simplify wealth generation through cryptocurrency and they do so with an algorithmic system for crypto asset management.

HPEC: Ensuring Physician Autonomy with Decentralized Identity

Founded by Leah Houston, HPEC offers an innovative platform designed to give physicians control over their professional identity with blockchain technology. Through the uprising of decentralized identity, HPEC brings trust, security, and efficiency to healthcare processes.

Lion Adv: Crypto Promotions and Marketing

Founded by Mirko Scarcella, Lion Adv specializes in crypto promotions, social media marketing, and stock market campaigns, with a deep understanding of the crypto market and its dynamics.

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Sardine: Fraud Prevention for the Digital Economy

Co-founded by Aditya Goel, Soups Ranjan, and Zahid Shaikh, Sardine offers fraud prevention and compliance software for the digital economy. Their solutions are tailored to defend crypto platforms, fintechs, online marketplaces, and other digital businesses from fraud.

Mean DAO: Automating Payment and Banking Workflows

Founded by Eydel Ruiz, Mean DAO provides a service that automates payment and banking workflows. They use blockchain technology to create flexible payment schedules and help users take control of their finances.

US Bitcoin Corp: Enabling Feasible Mining Services

Founded by Asher Genoot and Mike Ho, US Bitcoin Corp offers cost-effective crypto mining operations. Their aim is to centralize resources and share the rewards, enabling consumers to have access to feasible mining services.

Pareto Frontier: Quantitative Trading Technology

Co-founded by Alan Waldman, Ilya Mikhelson, and Rodrigo Benzaquen, Pareto Frontier employs quantitative trading technology for the crypto asset class. The firm leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create accurate trading decisions.

RetirementInvestments: Future-Proofing Your Retirement

RetirementInvestments focuses on empowering financial education in the new age. They explore the integration of cryptocurrency in retirement investment, aiming to create a financially secure future for all.

69Spacers: Immersive Crypto Game

Co-founded by Prit Sharma, 69Spacers is a crypto game platform. Their interactive platform not only entertains users but also educates them about cryptocurrency in a non-traditional gaming style.

Beorus Corporation: Bringing Blockchain Technology to Corporates

Beorus Corporation specializes in blockchain technology and crypto asset management. They offer a range of services from crypto training to blockchain advisory, aimed at corporations and businesses of all sizes.

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Chronchain: Blockchain Protocol for Open Finance

Founded by Esso-Dong Djafalo, chronchain is a blockchain-based protocol for open finance. Their technology promotes transparency and decentralization in the financial industry.

Wealth Square: Leveraging Expertise with Financial Tools

Co-founded by Andrei Stanciulescu, Darren Moon, and Volodymyr Katanskyi, Wealth Square merges registered financial advisor expertise with crypto financial tools. Their aim is to provide users with a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for stable and effective crypto investments.

Yuga Labs: Revolutionizing the NFT Landscape

Established by Greg Solano and Wylie Aronow, Yuga Labs is a technological innovation company that is shaping the future of NFTs and digital collectibles. They are focused on bringing together artists, creators and consumers in one platform.

These startups from Miami are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with crypto in their respective industries. From finance and trading to healthcare and blockchain education, it’s exciting to see how these companies are making waves in the crypto scene.

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