Trailblazing Chicago Business Development Startups Transforming the Industry in 2023

Chicago is a city known for classic deep-dish pizza, exquisite architecture, and the buzz of big businesses. However, it is also an emerging hub for startup innovation. Concentrated within the city streets is an array of exciting startup companies challenging the definition of business development, disrupting industries, and making waves in their own unique ways. In this write-up, we focus on some of the influential, business development startups contributing to the city’s vibrant entrepreneurial scene. Each one has its own unique vision and mission aimed at strengthening the business landscapes they serve.

These startups vary widely in their areas of interest, from financial advisory and merchant services to data strategy and cloud consulting, all the way to business consulting and project management. Businesses focused on bringing innovation to sectors such as Quick Service Restaurants “QSR”, Construction, Legal, and even Cryptocurrency are transforming the face of business and technology in Chicago. We are giving you an in-depth look at the unique startups reshaping business development in this bustling city.

The city of Chicago hosts startups that are not only introducing new ideas but assisting in the growth and development of other businesses. Here, we highlight the founders who have taken the lead in setting these startups in motion, contributing to the city’s thriving startup ecosystem. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of some of these exciting ventures.

Drive-in Capital

Known for its operations-centric model, Drive-in Capital concentrates on the Quick Service Restaurant “QSR” segment. Founded by Cade Mlodinoff, this startup aims to revolutionize the restaurant industry through its unique services.

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Business Services Collective, NFP

Business Services Collective, NFP offers construction businesses a route to development by creating a shared back office. They leverage their platform to aid businesses in the construction and nonprofit sectors.

Sanguine Strategic Advisors

Sanguine Strategic Advisors provides management consulting services. Drawing on an extensive range of legal, marketing, and financial services expertise, they help businesses optimize their organization and processes.

The Social Consult

Known for its business consulting services, The Social Consult provides executive coaching and training services for businesses. The startup offers a comprehensive approach to developing business capabilities and leadership skills.

CLEARBOX Decisions

CLEARBOX Decisions is a unique platform for decision management. The startup uses advanced computer software to aid businesses in making sound, data-driven decisions.


Kanbrick merges long-term investment partnerships with other business development services. The startup aims to offer both financial and strategic resources for growing businesses.


Founded by Neha Govindraj, Bonside connects businesses with funding opportunities. This startup aims to assist businesses in securing the financial resources they need to thrive.

Telesto Strategy

As a management consulting firm, Telesto Strategy offers business development strategies tailored to help businesses thrive in the competitive service industry.


The Virtualigence startup offers a unique blend of customer management, data strategy, and cloud consulting services to empower businesses with digital solutions.

Unbiased Consulting

Helping law firms and law departments maximize technology to improve client service delivery, Unbiased Consulting serves a unique niche in business development consulting.

Scifers & Associates

Scifers & Associates delivers enterprise solutions and products to both public and private sectors. They are well-known for their expert advice and business development consulting services.

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TechRise Chicago

TechRise Chicago operates as a multi-stakeholder initiative supporting Black and Latinx tech founders. This startup puts diversity at the forefront of business development and the tech industry.

Lunar Group

Lunar Group is a financial management company specializing in strategic planning, growth development, and other key cryptocurrency tasks, positioning them as leaders in the evolving digital currency industry.

KWILL Merchant Advisors

KWILL Merchant Advisors, a startup offering business development and merchant advising solutions, brings a unique perspective to consulting and serves a distinct sector in business development.

Insightechs Strategy & Solutions

Rounding off our list, Insightechs Strategy & Solutions delivers business consulting and project management services. Their focus on risk management provides a strong foundation for businesses seeking growth and stability.

In sum, these are just a few of the innovative startups that are shaping the future of business in Chicago. Each one carries a unique perspective and addresses diverse sectors, contributing to the overall advancement of the entrepreneurial landscape in the city. As these startups grow and mature, the influence on Chicago’s business development can only become more prominent in years to come.

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