Unveiling Influential Search Engine Startups Elevating New York’s Tech Scene

Search engines are crucial in the current digital age where information is predominantly stored and shared online. Particularly, startups in the search engine industry are developing innovative ways to improve search capabilities and user experience. This article showcases some of the most interesting Search Engine startups located in New York, United States, that are revolutionising the market with their unique offerings.

The list of startups ranges from those focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, to education, and fashion. Each has developed a unique value proposition with an aim to fill a gap in the market. They are taking on the challenge to compete or complement the existing dominant players in their respective sectors.

Read on to find out more about these startups, what they do, and the people behind their creation.

Latent Knowledge

Latent Knowledge is a data mining, IT, SaaS, and search engine startup. It aims to connect users with relevant literature for their research and development needs via their online platform.


Co-founded by Diana Giraldo, Leonardo Lopez, and Maria Clara Prieto, Golondrix is an edtech and machine learning firm that has developed a search engine for higher education programs and MOOCs. You can explore their platform here.

Patent Digest

Patent Digest utilises artificial intelligence for patent tracking, search and lawyer recommendation. Their platform can be found here.


ShopYourFit, co-founded by Daniel Salcedo, Lucas Gath, and Matias Gath, functions as a fashion meta-search engine to match users with clothes of their right fit. Visit their website here.

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Agency Vista

Created by Vitaly Veksler, Agency Vista is described as a software that operates fields ranging from advertising to SEO and social media. You can have a look at their service here.

Rewind AI

Rewind AI, devised by Dan Siroker, is a macOS app that works as a search engine to record, store and rewind the user’s work at any time. Find out more on their website.


Pallet, co-founded by Alessandro Russo, Jainil Sutaria, and Jake Barry, provides an infrastructure for community-driven hiring markets. Visit their platform to find out more.


This creative layer on internet content has been developed by Brandon Baraban and Jad Esber. Check out their work here.


Eray Cetiner created IDCrawl, a free people search engine that easily helps to find the information about people. Visit IDCrawl for more information.


An innovative social search engine branded as Diem has been co-founded by Divia Singh and Emma Bates, which is inspired by the traditional way women exchange information. Their platform can be found here.


Metaphor, a creation of Will Bryk, is a language-model-based search engine that simplifies web searches for users. Find out more on their website.


AlphaResearch provides a search engine aimed to help investors extract information from unstructured texts, filings, and earnings call transcripts, and more. Check their website to learn more.


Word2Tech operates as a universal technology extraction engine, and their innovative tool can be found here.


Waffly is a voice platform that builds audio content on the web. They are involved in fields of AI, audio, machine learning, podcasts, search engines, and social. Check out their platform here.

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