Influential Security Startups Revolutionizing Safety in New York – 2023 Insights

New York, often dubbed as the Silicon Alley, is a thriving hub for startups especially in the Security industry. Their innovative ideas couple with robust technology afford companies and individuals greater protection and peace of mind. These names might not be instantly recognizable, yet their impact in the security industry is quite significant. In the world of exponentially growing cyber threats, these startups help businesses ensure their cyber security, protect their valuable data and streamline their security operations. Let’s delve into these organizations a little more.

Whether you are a business owner, an investor, or a tech enthusiast, knowing about these burgeoning startups can open up a realm of opportunities and insights. From network security and cyber threat intelligence to AI-powered security tools, these startups offer a plethora of services. They may vary in size and expertise, but they all have a common objective – to fortify digital security and combat cyber threats.

Highlighted below are a handful of notable Security startups based in New York, each bringing something unique to the table. They showcase the diversity and dynamism of the security sector of New York’s startup scene. Here they are:


Gem thrives on its mission to help security operations transition into the cloud era and preclude cloud threats before they become incidents. Specializing in Network Security, Gem indeed seems to be a gem in the rough.

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ShardSecure is a cloud data security software company that specializes in data security and privacy utilizing its patented Microshard technology. It is the brainchild of founders Bob Lam, Christer Roslund, and Jesper Tohmo.


Founded by Graham Neray and Sam Scott, Oso‘s unique proposition is its batteries-included system for building authorization in applications. The startup operates in the Information Technology, Privacy, Security, and Software industries.

BreachLock Inc.

BreachLock Inc. provides Pen Testing as A Service (PTaaS). It is the world’s first full stack PTaaS powered by Certified Hackers and AI, thanks to the brainchild of founder Seemant Sehgal.

Steg AI

Steg AI offers potential solutions to media protection and authentication issues through its AI-powered tools. Founders Eric Wengrowski and Kristin Dana steer its journey to create innovation in the Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Software industries.


Founded by Jonathan Marcus and Matt Jachowski, Conducto aims to simplify complex CI/CD and data science pipelines. The organization operates in the Cloud Security, Information Technology, and Software industries.


NordLayer offers an adaptive network access security solution for modern businesses. This startup is led by Eimantas Sabaliauskas and Tom Okman.


team5 aims to help companies hire cybersecurity talent by building machine models of human experts. It operates in the Cyber Security and Internet industries.

Institute for Asian Crime and Security

The Institute for Asian Crime and Security is an organization that strengthens transnational security by bolstering current and future leaders. It serves in the Information Services, Non-Profit, and Security industries.


Outland is an IT company specializing in providing security solutions to safeguard businesses. They operate in the Information Technology, Professional Services, and Security sectors.

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Pronko is an IT company that offers a gamut of services including cloud management, service desk, security, backup, and recovery services.

Fit – Networks

Fit – Networks offers an array of IT services and solutions, including IT managed services, cloud services, cyber security, and more.

Digital Securities Consortium

The Digital Securities Consortium caters to the financial services sector peddling services related to Finance, Security, and Social Entrepreneurship.


DefenseArk provides decentralized real-time endpoint protection and cyber threat intelligence. Its dynamic approach is pioneered by founders Harish Prasanna and Shivaprakash Bidlur.


SuperTokens provides an open-source authentication alternative to platforms like Auth0, Okta, Firebase Auth and AWS Cognito. The company operates in the Network Security and Software sectors, piloted by founders Advait Ruia and Rishabh Poddar.

In conclusion, these startups are revolutionizing the security landscape in New York and beyond, redefining what we understand by security. As we reckon with a fast-changing digital landscape, their role will only become more critical in the years to come.

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