Unveiling San Francisco’s Market Research Revolution: Meet the 15 Startups Disrupting the Game

Discover the game-changers shaping the future of market research in the tech hub of San Francisco.

In the heart of the innovation capital, San Francisco, a vibrant ecosystem of market research startups is revolutionizing the way businesses understand their customers, explore new markets, and drive growth. These dynamic companies are harnessing cutting-edge technology, advanced analytics, and novel methodologies to provide actionable insights and empower organizations to make informed decisions. Join us as we delve into 15 remarkable startups that are shaping the future of market research.

Axite Labs

Axite Labs aims to make scientific research more accessible. With a focus on finance, market research, and venture capital, Axite Labs leverages data-driven methodologies to uncover valuable insights for businesses.


Houston is a platform that helps businesses find great problems to solve. By leveraging community engagement and advanced market research techniques, Houston empowers organizations to identify and address pressing challenges.

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance unites marketers worldwide with a unique mission. With expertise in advertising, digital marketing, market research, and product management, this startup provides comprehensive insights and resources for professionals in the field.


Phonic is an innovative application that allows users to record audio surveys, providing valuable audio-based market research recordings. This startup specializes in consumer research, innovation management, and product research.


Centrly helps companies find the right partners to expand into new markets using network science. By leveraging analytics and enterprise software, Centrly provides valuable market research insights and facilitates strategic collaborations.

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Product-Led Alliance

Product-Led Alliance is a vibrant community for product professionals, growth gurus, founders, and thought leaders. With a focus on communities and e-learning, this startup fosters collaboration and provides valuable market research resources.

Seed Edibles

Seed Edibles addresses the inconsistency found in most CBD/cannabis edibles on the market. This startup specializes in cannabis, market research, and medical applications, providing innovative solutions for the industry.

Vision To Develop

Vision to Develop is a comprehensive market research, content creation, and social media management company. With expertise in content marketing, social media, and web design, this startup helps businesses gain valuable market insights.

The Rise of Privacy Tech

The Rise of Privacy Tech connects privacy tech founders with investors interested in funding privacy tech startups. This platform focuses on market research, privacy, and professional networking, supporting the growth of privacy-focused businesses.

Customer Success Alchemy

Customer Success Alchemy develops customer retention strategies and designs optimized revenue streams through market research. With expertise in business development, consulting, and market research, this startup empowers businesses to enhance customer satisfaction.


CleverX is a comprehensive market research platform that provides access to hard-to-reach business audiences and research tools. This startup specializes in communities, internet, market research, product research, professional networking, and software development.

Pistil Data

Pistil Data is a leading market intelligence company in the cannabis industry. Specializing in cannabis market research, this startup offers valuable insights and analytics to businesses operating in this sector.

Revere VC

Revere VC is on a mission to build the “Morningstar for Venture Capital.” With expertise in big data, business intelligence, fintech, market research, and venture capital, this startup provides comprehensive insights for investors and entrepreneurs.

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Corq is a conversation intelligence tool that helps teams extract more information from customer conversations. Specializing in information technology and market research software, Corq empowers businesses to gain valuable market insights.

First Bio Research

First Bio Research is a research and consulting firm that offers analytics, market/product research, and trends regarding biotechnology. With expertise in analytics, biotechnology, consulting, and market research, this startup provides valuable insights for the biotech industry.


San Francisco’s market research startups are pushing the boundaries of innovation, leveraging technology, and advanced analytics to provide valuable insights for businesses. From unlocking the power of scientific research to addressing the challenges of privacy tech and cannabis industry, these startups are driving change and enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions. With their diverse expertise and cutting-edge solutions, these 15 startups are shaping the future of market research in the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of San Francisco.

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