Discovering Influential Salt Lake City Marketing Startups Redefining 2023 Trends

Located in heart of the United States, Salt Lake City, Utah is becoming a breeding ground for innovative startups in the marketing industry. From agencies focusing on SEO and content marketing to platforms offering machine learning and chat bot services, Salt Lake City is not only a city surrounded by picturesque settings but also a hub for marketing startups. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of new marketing startups that have been gradually changing the way businesses market and promote their products and services.

Salt Lake City startups are leveraging the power of digital marketing, AI, social media management, blockchain, and many other advanced technologies to create innovative solutions for businesses around the world. The beauty of many of these startups is that they provide services not just to local enterprises but also to global clients, making a significant impact on marketing strategies worldwide.

Below, we have discussed the ventures of more than a dozen startups, their focus industry, founding team and the services they offer. It’s impressive how these startups have managed to innovate and disrupt, even in this competitive scene. So without further ado, let’s explore this ensemble of interesting marketing startups based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Sparkery

The Sparkery is a digital marketing agency and consultancy that operates in the advertising and marketing automation industry. Leveraging technology, they provide businesses with strategic and efficient digital marketing solutions.

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OODA Pro offers a robust marketing platform that provides comprehensive tools, support, and resources for businesses. This startup is helping several companies to grow and develop through its digital marketing, mobile apps, and software solutions.

Above The Fold

Above The Fold (ATF) provides a TV channel, radio station, and programmatic audio services. ATF is making waves in the advertising, digital marketing, Internet Radio, SEO, and TV industry.

Underdogg Marketing

Underdogg Marketing is a startup that offer comprehensive digital marketing services to businesses including SEO, social media management, and web design. They are dedicated to helping businesses reach their target audiences effectively.

Ventricle Media

Ventricle Media is a film studio that crafts impactful and meaningful stories for brands. Founded by Ryan Samanka, Ventricle Media works in advertising, brand marketing, broadcasting, content marketing, digital media, film production, TV production, and video. Check them out here.


Sapling brings a unique insight to SEO services within the Cannabis & Hemp Industry. Founded by Alex Collins, they also offer consultancy, content marketing, and digital marketing services.

Developed by Jeffrey A.Long, provides businesses with chatbot services to streamline customer interaction using technology in advertising, business development, customer service, and marketing.

Drafted Commerce

Drafted Commerce is a multi-dimensional advertising firm. Founded by Garrett Bluhm, it offers digital marketing, strategic consulting, and data system solutions.

Content Lab

Content Lab is a marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing, user-generated content, and live studio production services.


Kwik offers a state-of-the-art blend of SaaS, Mobile App, and Blockchain solutions focusing on affiliate marketing, loyalty programs, and software.

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Bavard AI

With the founders Angelique Brown and David Brown Bavard AI offers a Conversational AI Platform that combines various fields including artificial intelligence, customer service, digital marketing, and machine learning.


RELLO, founded by Stuart Derman, is a marketing agency that helps companies scale by building intelligent marketing infrastructure.


Skavengerz offers a marketing platform that provides cutting-edge mobile gaming apps.

SNFLWR Agencies

SNFLWR Agencies is a digital marketing consultant that provides brand management services. They aim to help brands communicate their stories in a compelling and effective manner.


Coinucation founded by Kyle Niedzwiecki, is a website that provides the latest news in blockchain technology and education on cryptocurrencies. They have set significant footprints in education, IT, internet, marketing, and news industries.

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