Are Digital Therapeutics Revolutionizing Women’s Pelvic Health Care Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Axena Health is revolutionizing women’s pelvic health care industry through digital therapeutics.
  • The emphasis on at-home treatment options is on the rise due to convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  • Axena Health’s product, Leva Pelvic Health System is a prescription digital therapeutic (PDT) that offers at-home treatment for urinary and chronic fecal incontinence in women.
  • The solution provided by Axena Health is women-led and focuses on empowering women’s health.

In recent years, the rise of tech intervention in healthcare, especially the advent of digital therapeutics, has significantly changed patient treatment dynamics within the medical industry. One area where these changes are having a profound effect is women’s pelvic health. In America alone, over 15 million women have some form of pelvic floor disorders, creating a need for innovative medical solutions. This is where Axena Health, a Massachusetts based startup, has taken a presented opportunity on improving the lives of women through digital therapeutic products.

Axena Health is a woman-led company specializing in the commercial development of medical devices focusing on women’s pelvic health. With a dedication to mitigating the medical and social impacts of incontinence conditions in women, they have developed the Leva Pelvic Health System, an at-home treatment option for urinary incontinence (UI) and chronic fecal incontinence (FI).

What sets Axena Health apart from the competition is their innovative combination of digital technology with healthcare to improve patient outcomes. Their inclusivity towards the patients’ treatment, specifically in a largely private condition like incontinence, helps create a sense of comfort and confidence in women users. The Leva Pelvic Health System enables women to have a treatment option that respects their privacy and gives them control of their health which can potentially result in higher participation and better results.

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Additionally, their dedicated focus on a significantly large but often overlooked healthcare issue helps fill the niche for effective treatment options in women’s pelvic health. They have recognized the unmet need in this domain and cater to it with products characterized by utility, user-friendliness, discretion, and effectiveness.

Looking ahead, the future of Axena Health and the industry it serves appears promising. With technological advancements making healthcare services more accessible and convenient, more companies may follow suit, focusing on niche healthcare issues that need innovative solutions like Axena Health. For women impacted by pelvic floor disorders, companies like Axena are taking significant strides to improve their quality of life and social comfort.

For more information about Axena Health and its revolutionary view on women’s healthcare, visit their website at or feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn.

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