Revolutionizing Engineering Recruitment: New Platform Rewards Job Seekers Upon Hire?

Key Takeaways

  • Feufo is revolutionizing engineering recruitment by rewarding job seekers upon hire.
  • This platform offers coding-tested candidates, not just CVs, saving potential employers significant time.
  • Feufo values the time and skills of software engineers, introducing incentives to reward these individuals.
  • The streamlined process of recruitment and the rewarding model creates a unique opportunity for software engineers and employers.

Feufo is an emerging startup based in Dover, Delaware that offers a unique solution to one of the most significant challenges in the tech industry: recruiting. In the competitive world of software engineering, finding talented individuals is often a tedious and time-consuming process. However, Feufo is determined to change this. The company has created a platform aimed at changing the dynamics of the recruitment process. This approach could be the answer to the engineering recruitment revolution.

The premise of this platform revolves around rewarding job seekers once they are hired. By providing a tangible bonus at the immediate time of hiring, Feufo gives candidates an added incentive to put forward their most dedicated efforts. Alongside this, the platform serves potential employers by saving them significant time. Instead of receiving just a CV, they receive coding-tested candidates, saving them between 7-15 days on the skills assessment process.

What sets Feufo apart from other online recruitment platforms is its unique pay structure. Instead of charging exorbitant rates for placement, they offer a flat rate of $3000 irrespective of location. Furthermore, their pay package can be as low as 6% for code tested engineers. This model not only provides financial benefits to employers but equally treats all engineers regardless of where they are based. This global approach to recruitment could potentially disrupt the entire HR and recruitment industry.

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In a world where online assessments and remote working are becoming more common, the company’s unique anti-cheating measure stands out. This measure provides employers with both code and skills assessment, giving them a comprehensive view at the candidate’s real capability. Thus, Feufo is introducing a new level of trust and transparency in the recruitment process.

In conclusion, Feufo’s innovative recruitment model and unique approach have the potential to redefine the conventional process of hiring software engineers. Its bonus-for-recruitment structure incentivises the best efforts of candidates, whilst the streamlined process benefits employers. As they disrupt the Human Resources and Recruitment industry, the future looks bright for Feufo.

With plans to expand further and cater to more industries, it would be worthwhile keeping an eye on Feufo and how it continues to revolutionise the hiring process. For more information, visit their website at or follow their social media accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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