Austin’s Innovative Video Startups Redefining the Tech Scene in 2023

With a dynamic startup culture that thrives on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Austin, Texas has over the years made an impressive mark in the realms of industries ranging from tech to food and entertainment. Particularly, one would be remiss not to acknowledge the growing hub of video startups in the city – a sector that covers everything from video game developments to digital marketing, unique video streaming services and more. Here are a roundup of Austin-based video startups that are truly pushing the bounds and making waves in their respective industries:


Atmosphere is a streaming TV platform and brainchild of refreshingly different minds: John Resig and Leo Resig. Designed primarily for businesses, Atmosphere offers a range of 21 original and partner TV channels that cater to various entertainment needs. The platform belongs to the industry of Media and Entertainment, TV, Video Streaming.

Archetype Entertainment

Archetype Entertainment, a video game development studio, has positioned itself strongly in the realms of graphic design and software solutions. The visionaries behind this venture are Chad Robertson, Drew Karpyshyn, and James Ohlen.

Enduring Games

Enduring Games illustrates a perfect example of a game development studio that produces video games for consoles, handhelds, and streaming hardware.

Knit Like Granny & Crochet Penguin

These are two distinct but closely related platforms. Knit Like Granny provides tutorials and knitting pattern roundups for beginner knitters, while Crochet Penguin extends the same services for crochet enthusiasts. Both platforms carry the creative hat of Jodie Morgan.

Future Brush

Future Brush is a gaming venture of Witty Idiots that specializes in creating hyper-casual mobile games. The man behind the brand name is Sagar Gulati.

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An online escuela for content creators, Pipeline transforms creativity into a fruitful career, thanks to the innovative ideas of David Steinberg and Stephen Ellis.

BizBat Music App

The BizBat Music App is the brainchild of Alan Duclaud, Jose Antonio Torres, and Raúl Márquez. It acts as a professional music network offering a myriad of digital entertainment options.


REPCARDz is a revolutionizing the VRM platform for healthcare. It aims to connect, schedule, and securely collaborate with vendors on patient care and was introduced by Cheryl Halbert.

Kucheza Gaming

Kucheza Gaming is an eSports studio that unleashes the economic and educational value of gaming for K12 in Sub Saharan Africa.


Cinevva has embarked on a mission to provide independent developers with automated tools and comparisons with other games analytics to rise above the competition. Chris McCrimmons, Mariana Muntean, and Oleg Sidorkin are the spirited developers behind this venture.

Delicious Digital Marketing

Delicious Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing tourism, lifestyle, and leisure marketing.


Understanding the need for a secure platform, Whistle has created a virtual space guaranteeing privacy and security to users.


Televort founded by Dan Schmitz is a 3D Virtual Events Platform, paving its path in the software and video streaming industry.


Thundermark is a video game studio that focuses on developing genre-defining competitive video games. The brilliant mind behind this video gaming venture is Olesya Dyachyshyn.

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