Influential Austin Management Consulting Startups Reshaping Business Landscape in 2023

Management consulting startups in Austin, Texas are making a difference by providing businesses with fresh, innovative strategies for growth, efficiency, and overall success. These firms are blending industry experience with a modern approach to solving complex business challenges. Today, we turn the spotlight on 15 such firms that are making waves in the vibrant Austin entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Known for their ambitious entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation, these companies represent a diverse range of specialties within the management consulting space, including brand development, wealth advisory, business development, digital health, HR consulting, and more. They are harnessing the power of technology, analytical insights, strategic thinking, and creativity to steer businesses to reach their full potential and thrive amidst competition.

While they share a common mission of helping businesses grow, each startup has a unique value proposition, story, and service offering which they bring to the table. Let’s delve deeper into the profiles of these promising Austin-based management consulting startups:


OVERWATCH is a strategic consulting firm. Although details about the founders aren’t available, the company’s mainstay is consulting, management consulting, and recruiting. They leverage a strategic approach to provide businesses with essential guidance and support.

Indie Consulting

Indie Consulting is a marketing firm providing brand building, marketing transformation, and growth marketing services to clients. Its areas of operation include advertising, management consulting, and marketing.

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Moncure & Rohr Brand Development

Headed by Jesse Rohr and Nick Moncure, Moncure & Rohr Brand Development specializes in sales and automotive aftermarket branding management services.

SineCera Capital

SineCera Capital is a family-owned wealth advisory firm that offers independent advice and investment management services. Apart from management consulting, their work cuts across asset management, financial services, and venture capital.

Golden West

Golden West is a management software consulting firm focusing on staffing services, enterprise solutions, and project development.

Mentor Bureau

Mentor Bureau aids businesses in various areas of consulting and management.


Co-founded by Rituparna Roychoudhury, PrimePro is an application designed to streamline customer orders, job progress tracking, and team communication.

Rocket Digital Health

Established by Cameron Jacox, Rocket Digital Health is helping digital health startups scale into efficient digital health companies.


Heristic is an HR consulting agency with a focus on talent management and recruiting besides management consulting.


Aiisvari aids businesses with performance growth strategy, system and process architecture, and investment and management consulting.

Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium

Founded by Lisa McDonald and Mitchell Jacobson, TEXGHS supports the development of new technologies in the global health security innovation community apart from providing management consulting services.

Opening Bell Ventures

Under the leadership of Avi Kalderon, Opening Bell Ventures specializes in digital, big data, AI, cloud, and ethical data and algorithm management.

360 Bridge

360 Bridge is a startup committed to guiding businesses through their growth stages.

Durra Consulting

Durra Consulting provides marketing strategy and operational consulting specifically targeting the AgTech markets.

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Vixul is a business consulting and services company that aids startup founders by providing the necessary resources for business development.

These management consulting startups are not just changing the local business landscape but are also contributing to Austin’s reputation as an entrepreneurial and innovation hub.

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