Austin’s Top Influential Advice Startups Shaping Business Landscape in 2023

Austin, Texas is known as a vibrant hub for tech startups, with numerous innovators calling it home. Among these are a number of budding entrepreneurs lending their expertise to offer advice in various sectors. Spanning industries from artificial intelligence to crafting, these startups provide advisory services, facilitate connections, and share their knowledge to help others succeed. Here’s a look at some of the most promising advice startups hailing from Austin:

Why focus on advice startups? In the vast, ever-evolving startup ecosystem, having the right advice can make or break a venture. It comes in all shapes and sizes – from legal, financial, to industry-specific counselling. The startups mentioned here reflect this diversity, each with its own unique approach to delivering impactful insights.

In this article, we take a closer look at these ventures, providing an overview of their services, industries, and their founders, where available. Read on to find out which could be the best fit for your advisory needs.

Tquila Automation

Tquila Automation is a startup that merges advice with tech innovation. They specialize in RPA, intelligent automation, advisory services, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation, providing a unique niche in the confluence of advice and the artificial intelligence, information technology, and software industries.

Central Metric

Central Metric, founded by Kevin Lewis, offers strategic advisory, revenue operations support, and CRM training. This startup is classified under the advice, consulting, CRM, and training sectors, offering its services to larger organizations needing strategic oversight.

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Salient Strategies

Co-founded by Dustin Cox, Salient Strategies is a PR firm providing strategic advice while focusing on government affairs and political strategy. Their consulting services span the advice, legal, professional services, and public relations industries.


ExperINS is an insurance broker company offers business and benefits advisory services. With a focus on the advice, employee benefits, and insurance industries, ExperINS provides advice to businesses on the best benefits and insurance practices.

Gonzalez Public Affairs and Consulting

Gonzalez Public Affairs and Consulting is known for business strategy, PAC development, consulting, and lobbying. Their services encompass the advice, consulting, insurance, and public relations sectors.

Park Walk

Via their website, Park Walk provides financial services and advice. This startup belongs to the advice, finance, and financial services industries.

Crochet Penguin

Founded by Jodie Morgan, Crochet Penguin is a unique venture offering tutorials and crochet pattern roundups for beginner crocheters, providing advice for the digital media, guides, information services, and media and entertainment industries.


Cofi, founded by Alexander Azcona, Francisco Romero, and Ignacio Flo, is a financial firm that advises in financial planning, consolidation, security, collaboration, and predictive analytics services. Their expertise spans the advice and financial services industries.


Uplevyl is a global digital platform that serves women with talented mentors and provides personalized content, resources, and expert advice in the advice, consulting, and women’s industries.


reachXOD helps small businesses to large global sectors by providing advisory services. Their market segment involves services for business development and the small and medium businesses industry.

Cagle Pugh

Adding the legal element into the mix, Cagle Pugh is a law firm offering advice in real estate, community association, and business litigation services.

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The Credit Brothers

Joshua Steil’s startup, The Credit Brothers, is a financial consultation firm that imparts the foundation of credit education, primarily in the advice, consulting, and finance industries.

Benchmark Cloud Accounting

Benchmark Cloud Accounting, indulges in offering advice, controller, and critical thinking accounting services technology. The project is founded by Matt Elson and operates mainly in the accounting, advice, consulting, financial services, and software sectors.

Apollo Funding Partners

Co-founded by Jovan Sijan, Apollo Funding Partners is an alternative funding company that offers commercial financing, lender negotiation, and consultation services.

Enzi Wealth

Enzi Wealth, founded by David Martinez and William Martinez, specializes in wealth management, retirement planning, and legal advice. Operating primarily in the advice, financial services, retirement, and wealth management sectors, the startup offers strategic paths to financial security.

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